NDEs: Interdimensional Travel?

If you want to cut to the 5-minute mark on this video, it begins her description on the "other side." She had a brain aneurysm and surgeons had to stop her heart, ice her body, and drain her brain of blood. It is an extraordinary case of near-death experience.

Many of us have had anesthesia during surgery. They put us out. We wake up. There is no in between land of dreams and memories.

How does a person with no brain activity manage to have an experience that is cognizant and one they remember?

I've talked before on here about the concept of heaven being the fourth dimension. Here's an example of how this might all work: I exist in third dimension, but also in the second dimension in a photograph.

It is entirely possible that in third dimension I am a prototype of what I am in the fourth dimension. It is in that dimension that everything becomes "real."

Many who experience NDEs claim that coming back to this world was not real--that the other world is the real world. My own father had such an experience when he had an NDE. He said there were even colors and flowers that don't exist in this world.

If a person in the third dimension can make an image of himself on a photograph, why then couldn't a person in the fourth dimension create an image of himself in this third dimension, a being that has three dimensions and acts out in this world sort of like a SIMS character on a video game?

Would this maybe explain the "god" part of the brain in the temporal lobe that gives use the sense of another with us, beside/behind us/witnessing our lives? The "we are not alone" sensation.

Here's another mind fuck--what if it's like this: We take a photo of ourselves and it now represents us visually. That photo can be torn up and thrown away, end up in a dusty unused album, hung in a frame, made into a poster, or even printed on money if we're famous, but the worth of the photo doesn't have anything to do with the value of the person it represents.

You can take a photo of a killer and a photo of a great citizen and they are both represented, both photos could be taken care of the same way and last just as long. What if our lives in 3D form can be played out either quickly like a torn photo/dying young or with great value as President of the United States, but none of these 3D renditions "lives" have anything to do with the worth of the being in the 4th dimension they represent?

Yeah, crazy, huh? Welcome to my world of theories.


  1. Dearest Autumn,

    I have been at work all day, and been working on the most mindless project all day. My brain is fried... and this post... is so insanely deep... that well... I broke.
    Yup, I'm a zombie until I get home. Thank you..... HAHA. Can I be one of the zombie housewives now? you know the divorcee?

    Lots of love,

  2. Kat, sweets, you are my fellow divorcee zombie housewife. We can totally relate! Don't you just love how I go from one extreme to another on the blog in one day's time? Hee hee. When you have caffeine in the morning, dear, try the post again. In fact, Julie and I will be opening a CafePress shop soon for the housewives and the coffee mugs will say "zombie antidote" on them. The shot glasses, of course, are "zombie tonic" to help you become more zombie-like. Hee hee

  3. It begs the question, have 4th dimensional beings been misinterpreted as angels, aliens, or even gods?

  4. True. It also explains a good deal about how ghostly encounters are quick, the conditions are unclear to us, and interactions not fully completed. It's as if something is interacting but not able to remain within our realm for long. Perhaps, upon occasion, we show up in theirs. Maybe when we dream??? Hmm......

  5. Maybe our 4th dimensional selves are studying our 3 dimensional selves? As we might study a 2d picture to glean a little something about our self?

  6. Very interesting theory you have there Autumnforest! I like it!

  7. Take it a step further--if photos are a 2D version of us but not conscious, purely physical facsimile, what if our 3D selves are a thinking, breathing, acting, living, conscious facsimile, but the original is the God/Goddess of each of us. In other words, for each us, in the 4th dimension the true version of us resides.

  8. Let us make man in our own image.

  9. ummm...yeah, mind is blown...i really wish i was at home so i could ponder that with a lot of wine.


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