Friday, October 21, 2011

Naked Ghost Hunting

Leave your tools at home. Dare to hunt naked!

Here's how it goes; you have a conversation with a friend on a cell phone while walking through a store. Your eyes are distracted by items on the shelf and your directive--to go to the store in search of yums. But, as you're talking, your friend is explaining a complicated love story between her and her guy. You are neither doing a good job of shopping or being a friend. Upon occasion, you stop and study labels, but don't hear your friend. At other times, you get caught up in the conversation and block traffic on the aisle. In the end, you weren't present here or there.

When you ghost hunt, like using the cell phone, you get distracted by the meter in your hand. You end up looking to the meter to learn if the place is haunted, but like on the cell phone, you are doing an ineffective job.

Had you spoken to your friend in person, sitting down in your living room, you would have noticed the fidgeting, the changes in tone in her voice, her expressions. All of these are clues as to what is happening with her. The phone tells you none of that.

The meter in your hand on a ghost hunt tells you nothing about the condition of the haunting.

Set down the meters. Sit down on a hunt and simply be. Listen. Smell. Feel. Read the building as you would read your friends body language and intonations.

When it comes down to it, all the meters in the world won't tell us if a place is haunted. It's that moment we lower the device that we see and hear things. Things we would have missed with our eyes glued on a little red or green light.

Ultimately, when we've left a haunted location, no matter what evidence we hope to gather, much of our audio and visual equipment is not recording those moments of a shadow figure moving in a hall, an apparition or even a disembodied voice.

We have six senses. Sometimes, we forget that when we depend on technology.

Hunt some time. But hunt naked.

Remember, it's not the size of the tool, it's how you use it.


  1. this is interesting... using the senses over electronics, very good perspective. though i have to say your model looks like harry potter...

    have a great day!


  2. This is largely how I have done it in recent times. I don't go ghost hunting or conduct paranormal investigations much (yes, they are two different concepts in my mind) but they were once very detailed scientific endeavors. I've done them alone or with one other person; I prefer that way (yeah, yeah screw what the books say). The data were unrevealing in the end. I wasn't coming to any satisfactory conclusion either way. I believe the process required far greater sampling that I could afford the project. Now, I like to "experience" ghostly phenomena. I might take a long something to record the general environmental conditions, but I don't carry EMF meters (there is no data suggestion a correlation exists, but there is plenty of information to conclude that an enterprise is afoot to get you to buy them). I record my experiences, and hope readers will enjoy the fruits of my firsthand encounters with the unexplained.

  3. There aint nothing wrong with doning everything naked. lol.

  4. So when are we starting the Nudist Ghost Hunting Squad (NGHS)?

  5. I like that--clothing optional ghost hunting. Well, that might attract some specters, hmm?

  6. All it takes is the right tool... er, tools.

  7. great aritcal autumn (tho the thought you naked ghost hunting sounds great smiles )I liked how ya discribed it warr309

  8. Your comparison to walking through a store with a cellphone is brilliant and quite apt!

  9. Is this something you would ever do, Autumn?

  10. I'm afraid I'd scare the ghost instead of me being scared.....Lol...if I were to do it! I'd have to be real hard up for naked ghost hunting, so I'd have to pass!!!!!!!