More Creepy Films To Come

Last year, Julie and I hit Schnepf Farms and had a blast in the corn maze at night, the hay ride, face painting, pumpkin patch.... Then, we stayed at a haunted hotel where we did our first ever Pajama Ghost Hunt videos.

Well, it's that time of year again.

Expect me to have new films in a couple days and no doubt some goofy stories. I seriously need the time off and to connect with autumn even though it doesn't feel like it here (90/60s). Us gals will no doubt cause some trouble and disruption, some screams and laughter, but when all is said and done, we will have gone to a fantastic autumn festival, gone swimming in a beautiful resort pool, had some drinks in a 1930s jazz bar and slept in a haunted hotel room.

Hey, what more could you ask?

I want y'all to tell me what you've done so far to bring Halloween alive, whether it was buying a bag of candy corn, carving a pumpkin, making a pot of chilly, driving around to look at the decorations, going to a party or haunted attraction. Remember, I'm the one that lights a fire for everyone to have an adventure and no adventure is too small or too over the top.