Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mesa Historical Museum: Get Your Ghost On!

I'm stoked to see beautiful and important historic buildings owning the other part of inhabiting such a spot--the haunting aspects. Once a year, you can be sure that that the Mesa Historical Museum knows how to get folks interested in artifacts from our past, as well as the ghosts. As someone who is a psychometrist (psychically reads the past history from objects), I can say that a museum and a ghost hunt for me is the perfect storm! I'm also a practitioner of Feng Shui principles and I know that, like an antique shop, if items are grouped in contrasting energies, it can create all kinds of funkiness.

I am lucky enough that the very talented and best Southwestern ghost team, API (Arizona Paranormal Investigations) has asked me to join them tonight for the paranormal investigation event. I am quite honored!

I grew up in a 250-year-old mansion that saw itself turned into a hospital during the Civil War and at times used by both the North and the South.

(My childhood home-Aspen Grove in Fairfax, Virginia in 1860s following the war)

The house was quite haunted and often ended up in the newspaper, mediums coming to perform seances, and NBC even did a special on the ghosts. I grew up digging up relics, cleaning and displaying them, and my mother, an historian, uncovered the history. I spent childhoods being a part of historic tours, going to historic sites, rummaging through the basement at the Court House and many other influences that made me a great believer in preservation of history and honoring those who have crossed the thresholds in the past. I'm proud to be part of this tasteful event and giving my part to make the experience a positive one for participants who are curious about ghost hunting.

Just look at the great things this museum has planned for October:

Paranormal Investigation
Saturday, October 8 & 15, 6-10pm

Join the Mesa Historical Museum, the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society, and Arizona Paranormal Investigations as they conduct a paranormal investigation of the Mesa Historical Museum. Come along with the team as we explore our 1913 and 1937 buildings. Using the latest in technical equipment, the investigators will seek to capture and explain ghostly happenings. Do pianos really play themselves, do objects move on their own, and who has been seen sitting in the museum's wagon? Help us find out.

Friday, October 21 & Saturday, October 22 (6-8pm)

Does Mesa have tunnels? What floats down the stairs in the old territorial jail cells? Where do chairs roll and doors slam? Can you hear whispers in the dark?
Don’t miss this once-a-year tour of downtown Mesa’s historical sites paired with tales of ghosts and goblins. Go above, below (and beyond!) Main Street and hear firsthand accounts of things that go bump in the night from Mesa business owners. The tour will feature actual accounts of paranormal happenings in some of Mesa’s oldest buildings and share the incredible history of the past helping explain Mesa’s present-day hauntings. All proceeds benefit the Mesa Historical Museum. UPDATE 10/14: Both Ghost Tours are SOLD OUT. Please check out the Paranormal Investigation on 10/15, or remember to buy your tickets early next year.

I suggest to residents of The Valley to enjoy the museum year-round. Mesa's history is a very interesting one and a very early settled area where HoHoKam canals converged and much of man's early influences in America were seen, as well as early settlements by the westward-driven settlers. You can find out more about the museum at this site.


  1. do u autumn plan do haunted hosue for entertainment? Warr309

  2. Warr; Do you mean, am I planning on going to a haunted house attraction this October? I actually don't have that planned. I have a lot events, but not a haunted attraction. If I had a boyfriend, I'd totally go. It's more fun with a guy. I like to see them jump and scream. Hee hee

  3. Yeah, deffly find a guy you can protect!
    The macho ones are just noooooo fun.

    But, then again, I like to be scared, so a macho one is probably better for me...

    Once again, it is such a shame you are soooo far away!!!!

    We have this thing by us called, Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion... it's supposed to be crazy scary... but, I'd rather go take a ghost hunt or something!