Horror Movies: Slasher/Stalker Themes

Seriously, slasher movies might scare people because they're seeing the innards of bodies that they don't normally see, but I think the reason they really work is that they're feasible. Of all the kinds of horror from monsters to paranormal, the most likely one to actually happen to us in real life is some insane serial killer with a knife. We can easily insert ourselves into these scenarios and I can guarantee that much of the movie, the viewer is thinking, "I would have done this instead of that." My favorites are in bold.

"Alone in the Night"

"Black Christmas"

"Let's Scare Jessica to Death"

"Prom Night"


"April Fools Day"
"The Funhouse"
"The Initiation"
"Silent Night, Bloody Night"
"He Knows You're Alone"
"Hell Night"
"I Know What You did Last Summer"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street"
"Friday the 13th"
"Final Destination"


  1. A nightmare on elm street was one of the best classic horror movies I have ever seen!! O.o

  2. Been slacking on my horror movie watching!

    Someone slap me on the wrist!!!!



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