Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror Movies: Back To Nature Theme

You have to love movies about nature-based horror movies. Man has an inherent fear of nature ever since moving into the cities and becoming estranged from the beasts. I always said that a Bigfoot hunting show would be much scarier than a ghost hunting one. In ghost hunting, we tromp around old buildings--atmospheric, but not really scary. The woods, however, when you sit out there at night and hear the twigs cracking and strange sounds you don't recognize in a territory that is not your own, but the creature's domain, well, what can I say but "The Blair Witch Project?"

I've put my favorites in bold.

"The Final Terror"

"Day of the Animals"

"Cabin Fever"

"Just Before Dawn"



"The Edge"
"Wrong Turn"
"The Hills Have Eyes"
"The Descent"
"The Blair Witch Project"
"Wrong Turn"


  1. I loved the Edge.

    And Wrong turn.

    So cheesy... so awesome! Great for popcorn and witty banter!

  2. The remake of Cabin fever gave me nightmares! lol.

  3. What?! No "Frogs"? And how could you leave out "Evil Dead"? (a movie in which a woman is raped by the woods? Not IN the woods, mind you, but BY the woods?) :)

  4. BG; Yeah, I thought about Evil Dead. I never really though of it like man versus nature, but that scene was pretty raw and cool. Frogs? I admit to not seeing it. I couldn't get past the name. I would add Food of the Gods, though. Wicked awesome giant rats!

  5. Terror is a horror film at the final average. There were a couple of surprising moments (the scene where the couple may be violated, or a sudden end), but most of the movie is really boring.