Hammer Films

("The Woman in Black" coming in February)

Hammer Films is a movie making company from the UK that was formed in the 1930s but put out a lot of gothic horror films from the 1950s to 1970s. They put on the amazing Quartermass Experiment series on UK TV. They produced films like "The Gorgon," "The Mummy," "The Curse of Frankenstein," "Lust For a Vampire." Actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were associated with many of the films.

The exciting news is that Hammer is at work again and as you can see by the trailer above for "The Woman in Black," is right back into the atmospheric creepy films those of us who love Hammer crave. I'm so excited! I so miss the gothic kinds of horror stories. I can get so lost in their worlds filled with darkness and fog, quirky characters, sprawling mansions and soggy moors.

Let's look at a few great examples of Hammer's work over the decades:

("Lust For a Vampire")

("Curse of Frankenstein")

("The Gorgon")


  1. All about this!! It looks fantastic and I heart me so me Daniel Radcliff. He's just so awesome, which is rare cuz most young stars make me want to hurl a brick at their heads. That whole HP crowd seems to have their shite together. Maybe the Brits just raise there baby celebs better.

  2. I saw him on actor's workshop show and that "kid" is brilliant and funny and sweet and talented. He doesn't have to work the rest of his life, but he will (thankfully).

  3. The woman in black looks awesome.
    I saw the preview for it off of yahoo..
    I am psyched.

  4. http://youtu.be/7lReemWmO5o

    Check out this preview for it

  5. Love the old Hammer horror films - classics!


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