Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghost Tours: Find `Em/Rate `Em!

You'll notice a button on the left-hand side for my buddies at Ghost Tours. They made a great site that makes it possible to find ghost tours and to rate them. You know how I push y'all to have paranormal adventures and you can do it in your own hometown and without all the tools and teams. Well, now you have no excuse not to!


  1. That sounds like fun!!! I want to go on a ghost tour!! :D

  2. There's tours all over. I just got an email today from Hotel Vendome in Prescott, AZ. They have some cool events going on that are ghost related and I know Jerome and Bisbee and Globe all have cool ghost stuff going on. Where you are, I bet there's a ton.

  3. hmmmm I would go on priavte ture u give autumn smiles.. warr309