Ghost Case: Taken By Surprise

It was 2007. I went to a haunted inn up north where a woman supposedly died of TB, left alone with her cat to die in the room when her husband left and did not come back. It was a tragic story, but I had my doubts that such a thing happened. It was just too much like a typical urban legend ghost story, but a trip to the cool country sounded very nice.

The room came with a big album filled with stories of people who had stayed in the woman's room and had strange things happen. I shoved it aside and decided it was time to go out for a yummy supper and some gal pal talk time. We got back to the room and did an investigation until our bedtime. I was more relaxed and open. The closet provided some very odd EMF spikes, but nothing that the turning on and off of the room's air-conditioner couldn't answer.

I turned on my voice recorder and put it on voice activation and said, "This is Sharon putting the recorder down and closing the closet door." Then, I got ready for bed.

I walked over and began to tear the sheets free from the bed because I hate being pinned to the bed by tight sheets. My friend laughed at my quirks. Once everything was released, I laid down, camera at my side, as we always kept our cameras nearby if something happened during the night. I took pictures of the room to have a frame of reference if anything changed in the morning. I laid the camera on the bedside table and went to bed.

Then, during the night, I heard scratching. I realized immediately that my feet were pinned down and toes were pointed because the bed sheets were very tightly tucked in. I started kicking frantically, waking my friend. Realizing where I was and that people reported the dead woman's cat scratched at the closet, I held up my camera in that direction and told my friend not to startle, I was just getting a picture. I clicked off the camera guessing where I was aiming and then turned it off and put it on the table and curled up again. I was exhausted from the long drive and the late evening and I fell back into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I got up and started to pack and then went to the closet and called out to the recorder when I opened the door "This is Sharon opening the door and retrieving the recorder in the morning." I picked it up, put it away and we went home.

I started reviewing the pictures and was shocked by the middle of the night shot when the door had scratching sounds and my feet were tucked in--

Yeah. My jaw kind of hit the floor. That closet door opened and closed during the night. I listened to the recorder and you could not hear it open and close. It was not loud enough to make voice activation record and the scratching that was loud enough to wake me, did not get picked up either.

Oh, and in case you are thinking what I thought, the door had 2-3 extra locks to it that were from the inside and could not be opened outside including a chain and a sliding lock which we closed all of because we assumed if a door had that many locks, there must be a security issue. Staff was definitely not in the room unless they could slide under the door to enter!


  1. Wow! That is crazy...what an experience!

  2. With a sad story like that it is no surprise to me that it would be haunted. O.o

  3. Gobsmacked--great word for it. I truly didn't expect a damn thing. I was more freaked out about being very very tightly tucked in than finding out later on that the door was opened during the night. I've now learned to look at my pics before leaving a site in case I need to check out conditions and be sure I know what might have happened. Had I seen that pic in the morning, I would have experimented with the door. I went back years later to stay in the room and tried the closet door. It is not in any stretch of the imagination able to open on its own.

  4. .....

    That's awesome... SO AWESOME!!!

    I got a ghost story for you!

    Can I email you?

  5. hehehe love ghost stories warr309


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