Thursday, October 6, 2011

F'ing Bigfoot

Jeez, y'all just have to know by now I don't go about things the usual route. I was emailing a friend and we were talking about "Finding Bigfoot" (our favorite new show) and I started abbreviating like I do with BF for Bigfoot. I put FB for "Finding Bigfoot" but then it sounded too much like Facebook, so now I'm down to "F'ing Bigfoot." Hence, the title to this post.

Sunday October 30th, stop everything and put on Animal Planet! "Finding Bigfoot" will have a 2-hour special going to Bluff Creek. For those who are up on their BF knowledge will tell you, that's the site of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film.

Here's the press release about it (and expect a LAUGH episode about the show that day, as well):

This fall, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) team from Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT trudges deep into California's Redwood forest to investigate one of the most infamous and disputed pieces of Bigfoot evidence ever - the Patterson-Gimlin footage. Premiering Sunday, October 30, at 9 PM (ET/PT), the two-hour special FINDING BIGFOOT: BIRTH OF A LEGEND takes viewers to the site where the notorious footage was captured to investigate the elusive beast's existence and settle the more than 50-year-old debate originated by the tape.

Outfitted with the latest technology, including night-vision and infrared cameras, the BFRO team also scours the Redwoods to uncover additional evidence of the presence of Sasquatch. With more Bigfoot signals discovered in the Redwoods than anywhere else in North America, each broken branch or peculiar noise could mean a Squatch is lurking nearby.

Prior to the debut of the special, the BFRO team will make an appearance at this year's New York Comic Con convention. On Friday, October 14, at 6:30 PM, the entire cast -- Bobo, Cliff, Matt and Ranae - will debunk Bigfoot myths with a special sneak preview of THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND special. Following the sneak peek, the team will discuss its Squatchin' experiences from the show and share years of Bigfoot knowledge and research on a panel.


  1. hmmmmmm interesting autumn warr309

  2. **giggles**

    F'ing Bigfoot.

    I like it!

    I'm sorry I can't stay serious about the bigfoot thing... I just keep thinking of Harry and the Hendersons.. I loved that movie growing up... I'm such a freak.

    (P.S: I'll email you my tale of the unexplained later... when I'm not at work!)

  3. Someday maybe they'll find that f'ing Bigfoot!

  4. Can we rename a lot of other 'Finding' titles?

    Like F'ing Nemo?

  5. More like losing bigfoot?

    "Come Back, Little Sheba" errr little bigfoot. I might get it a try if for no other reason than a good laugh.

  6. Haha. I'm so glad my readers are so open-minded and fun! I thought for sure someone would say, "that sacrilege." I love y'all! Oh, and "F'ing Nemo" is so good! There was a movie called Finding Bliss, guess we just have to rename that "F'ing Bliss."

  7. my only question is that have they found big foot yet? lol.