Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files - New Season!

It's a new season which means tomorrow there will be a review of the show and infamous tank top shot. This episode involves a UFO crash and a graveyard ghost and there is a new cast member--not apparently picked for expertise? (hmmmmm) I know there's a new GH on tonight too involving a dead actress in a theater in Niagara Falls (yawn).


  1. Looks good. But I have to wonder who would go to all that trouble for a hoax? They do it because it's for their show, but would the hoaxers have gone to all that effort? I guess I would need to see the original video.

  2. Yeah. I agree. I am curious and I do expect to do a review tomorrow, so I want everyone's input on this new season and new member of the group.

  3. I love the GH and GHI... but, seriously... some times... I hear the adult in me say , "If you have nothing nice to say ... say nothing at all."

    I'd rather Jay and Grant come on the screen, say, "Listen, we thought this was going to rock... but it flopped... here watch an hours worth of Poltergeist. Maybe next time folks!"