Monday, October 10, 2011

Dale the Doll: What Is with Her Fascination With Zombies?

I borrowed The Human's camera (I won't say what for), but I found zombie pictures of her on it. Lately, this Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse thing has really got me concerned. It made me start feeling a bit philosophical. It made me ponder one of the great questions of life:

Is it possible that a human can be preoccupied with being undead and a doll can be preoccupied with being alive?

I'm not sure why humans think zombies are even vaguely interesting. Considering how dumb humans are, zombies are really just a bare step down in intelligence order. You know, it goes Dolls at the top, dogs below them, humans an then zombies.

This October is proving to be rather exasperating. The Human has managed to thwart every prank I've tried to play. I do believe it's time to let Skittles in on the fun. That freaky clown doll really creeps out The Human more than I do because he just smiles and won't talk. Maybe I'll divert her attention and let Skittles perform the actual prank....


  1. Dale: I believe psychologists call it Reverse Pinnochio Syndrome. (Well, not in your case. That's just plain old Pinnochio Syndrome.)

  2. warr309 sound good dale skittles freaker her out due to unblkinking and smile

  3. There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with zombies... nothing at all. :D

  4. Dale , since you're not a human , I could see a zombie using you as a after meal tooth pick.
    GOT WOOD ?