Thursday, October 13, 2011

City of Mesa: Haunted!

I did a post some time ago about the rate of hauntings in the City of Mesa, Arizona. I'd like to follow it up because I have for years gotten people contacting me about these issues and the post I wrote got a substantial response.

People in the area report:

Doors opening and closing
Feelings of being watched/doom/uncomfortable
Shadow people
Objects being thrown
Pets acting strangely

I am going to give some regions of the town I've heard from just from that post alone:

University west of the 101 (talking, walking/footsteps, heavy sensation)

University & Gilbert (footsteps, shuffling sounds, cat and child reported but not living there)

West of Ellsworth between McDowell and McKellips (seeing things in windows, voices)

Main & Extension (heavy feelings, unsettling)

East of Country Club, South of Brown (small child, growls, cabinet opening, mists, crying, screaming, shadow figures, eerie feelings)

Country Club, south of Broadway (talking, touching, shadow person, apparitions)

East of Mesa Dr., North of University (voices, uncomfortable feelings)

I'm going to gather a group that will be studying the types of activity reported and in what spots and then do some background on the land's history and any other factors that might be contributing to the high incidence of haunting problems.

If anyone has more to add to the list, please leave a comment. You can do so anonymously. I am curious what features you report and where the location is. I have found so far from the reports I get that the area around Country Club and Brown seems to be the heart of activity.

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  1. Mesa's cool and everything, but it's no Taos, NM!

  2. Hi my name is Nicole & I have been working at 1050 E. University suite 11 Mesa,Az 85210 for 5+ yrs & have experienced MANY happenings! We have 2 friendly spirits who occupy this office. One is a little boy possibly 6yrs old from the 1920's-1940's & I know this because I have seen him & what he wears to a "T". He likes to play jokes & play tricks. I've heard him laughing also. The other is a woman who resembles my boss but I have never seen her face & she jus walks around immitating her. She actually hasn't shown herself for bout the past 2yrs but I still feel her presence. Lately though I have been feeling a darker presence & kind-of unsettling. I know that there are the old canals near here & that explains the constant occurences. As for what used to be on this land in the 1920's I have really no clue but am interested in finding out. If you'd like to know all my experiences, let me know! =O)

  3. Nicole. I'd love to hear more. Please email me
    I'm doing an ongoing study of Mesa's haunted locales and working on some theories.