Book Cover Input Request

The fantastically amazing artist, author and blogger, Cullan Hudson who did the banner at the top of my blog, also designed this cover for our zombie book. My question is--what should the tag line be?
"dead women walking"
"dead on our feet"
"women can have it all when they're dead"
Please give me your concepts. I'm stumped.


  1. You should have drag names: June Meat Cleaver and Donna The Dead. :-D

  2. Cullan--you rascal! Wait until you see the pics of Stella and Liz at the Zombie walk on the 29th. Wow! We're going as 1950s bowlers in pink and black bowling costumes and a severed head to bowl with.
    LGH--Freaking awesome!

  3. 1.Divorce is not a option ...

    2.Serving men since ?

    3.The Original Man Eaters...

  4. Loving the kinda 50's feel you have to it! :D

  5. @Max Evel : The Original Man Eaters is AWESOME!

    I vote for that one.

  6. "Don't ask what's for supper - it could be YOU!"

  7. This book is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the pics.

  8. Thanks SD77--We are going to open a CafePress shop too. I'm even considering a Liz pinup calendar this winter if I'm feeling very ambitious.


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