Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumnforest is a Menace At the Pumpkin Farm!

(A picture of me wearing wax fangs at the autumn farm festival in nightvision)

Thanks Schnepf Farms for once again giving an awesome autumn fest that makes us desert folk feel like we're having autumn too (even if it doesn't feel like it weather-wise).

(I posed in this autumnal setting--with my hair sticking out of the hole.)

(posed as a zombie with a friend's daughter in the corn maze using nightvision)

(had to have the face painting dude give me a ghostie)

(Julie and I peeking out of the corn)

(creepy corn shadow)

(and, of course, I had to pose while cupping my pumpkins)

Isn't it crazy how much scarier a video is with the right music?

(Nox Arcana Transylvania album)


  1. Nice pics. (Couldn't say "Nice melons" LOL!)

  2. Hey, this proves once again we are true Virgo sisters. Your pumpkin pic sure resembles mine...except you had taller pumpkins at your jaunt. So funny!