Abandoned House: Chandler, AZ

We found this place along the road on the way to the farm and had to stop and film it.

Well, y'all know by now I can't pass up an abandoned site.

It looked like it was waiting for a very creepy Halloween party. Set designers could learn a lot about horror movies sets by studying the weather-aged surfaces of this place.

The thing I love about these places is that they have been devoid of life and left for nature to take over. There's something quite atmospheric and creepy about a place that should housing the living now housing the critters and vines, bees and dust. Creaking cabinet doors, grating metal dangling from the siding, all make the place smell, feel, and sound creepy.

You can imagine when it was charming and new and people had many dreams, births and deaths in such homes. At one time, someone lovingly hung curtains and painted the clapboard, planted a garden, watched a sunset. Now, the house clings desperately to leftover blinds and furnishings with no one around to recall the once happy memories.

This one had civilization all around it. I suspect they plan to tear it down soon and make room for more condos.


  1. Wow! You would LOVE to visit Detroit...there are tons of abandoned houses - with lots of history in them I am sure. Awesome pictures...I love them, and totally agree. Waiting for an awesome Halloween bash...that would be way more fun than condos!

  2. You go to the coolest places!!

    I told Klay (the bf), that I want to stay in a haunted location sometime soon... I think it would be killer!!!!

    7 days until HALLOWEEN!

  3. I take advantage of every abandoned place I come across. This one was charming. It'll be sad to see it go, but it's smack dab in the middle of very new civilization, upper middle class. The neighbors won't put up with it sitting there for long on a big empty lot. I feel like I'm a photographer of things about to die and be gone--a historian of sorts.

  4. How cool! I'd love to get some black & white shots there!

  5. where is this located?

  6. If they haven't torn it down yet, it's on Pecos just west of Dobson on the right side after the condos.

  7. I just checked out this house last night with some friends. Pretty creepy. the larger one next to it in the same dirt lot is even creepier. holes in the ceiling, blood on the walls. weird stuff.

  8. Replies
    1. It's gone now. They tore it down to put up condos. It was on Pecos Rd. Just west of Dobson.


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