What is Your Personal Archaeology?

I was contemplating how much information we leave in objects we touch frequently, ones that have become key in our lives and ones we might use in moments of great emotion, such as rosary beads or wedding rings. But, what do we use everyday that we might be leaving our residual on? What do these objects say about our personal archaeology?

Here's some of mine:

This is a worrystone. When I have had some real challenging days, I kept it in my pocket and reached in and rubbed it to get some bravery. Does it work? Actually, quite well. What I can tell you as a psychometrist about stones is that they carry energy, but they don't necessarily hold memories. So, if you hold a stone a lot, it will retain the amount of energy you have in your body, but will not tell me anything about you. So, this worrystone would surely leave for future psychometrists, a feeling of intense energy--as I am a high energy person, but it would not show them insight into my existence. Conclusion: High energy person.

This is a favorite necklace. It's resin and done by a local artist, bought at a farmer's market one warm Sunday morning. The resin is not a great retainer of memories, but the metal chain is. I usually wear it when I want to be pretty and shiny. It looks great against my skin and suits my coloring. I feel very confident when I wear it. Memories of a confident and upbeat woman, sunshine and giggles would likely come across upon reading this relic. Conclusion: A woman confident in her own skin.

This is my eye mask. I wear it every night in bed because I basically want to sleep in a cave and my bedroom has vertical blinds that let morning sun in early. I dream with this mask on. It is near my mind during nightmares, dreams, fantasies and naughty thoughts. So, what would this mask tell about me to a psychometrist? Not likely much. It's cloth. Cloth is not a great retainer of memories, though leather is. If it were a leather mask, it would be quite confusing to read because of the variety of emotions and dreams. Conclusion: Lots of brain energy.

This letter opener was my father's. It's my favorite thing. I use it every day. It makes me smile. He had it on his desk in his office and loved it. It has Vikings and primitive Nordic images carved into its surface. It is metal which is easy to read. There is actually some of my father's energy still in it, 32 years since his passing, even with me using it. No doubt a psychometrist would pick up more of me in this object, but my personality and my father's was identical, so I suspect that it would be a confusing read like I sometimes get with family rings that are passed down. Conclusion: Organized, ambitious, open to life and laughter.

So, what archaeology do you have? Let's discuss what info you might be leaving behind.


  1. I still wear my late fathers watch. It is scratched and beaten but keeps perfect time.

  2. I think everyone should have a little something that is special to them to bring them good luck. :)

  3. I may not be around this weekend so I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

  4. I love the letter opener. I have a worry stone as well. It works wonders. I think my raven and owl jewelry would carry a lot of my spiritual energy.

  5. Wow. I never really thought about that. I think my most precious thing would be the necklace I wear every day. It is shiny silver with little baby feet on the front. On the back my baby daughter's name and the day we lost her are engraved and inside are some of her ashes. I can not function unless it is around my neck now.

  6. I like the letter opener.... very cool. I need to get me a worry stone and have it in my pocket when we go to some of those seedy places.

  7. These are like super powered mood rings. Nice!

  8. Wicked--watch is excellent. I find that with the power that is applied to watch, it holds memories much better than just regular metal. That's why, for a time, I had a clock shop on Etsy where I put together psychometric clocks with parts that had similar energy.

    Thanks Barry. I will try not to get into too much mischief, but we are talking about me!

    Vivienne, it sounds like that jewelry would carry your soul's essence well, especially if you wear it at lots of different times and not just for happy occasions, but daily wear. There would be an overall sense of your personality, your core.

    Melanie; your necklace would carry grief immediately for the psychometrist, but then there would be a sense of hope and promise and excitement and that would be all the unfulfilled dreams which would also be contained, all the things you wished for in anticipation. I always say it, but it's true--every bad thing has a good and sometimes it's just the promise of a dream that is the good thing we are left with, but it helps ease us. I'm sorry about your loss. You are such a delightful person, but I suspect you are surrounded by people who shore you up when you're feeling a bit lost. That precious love is her gift to you.

    Julie; I have one for you. You'll need it on the upcoming Bigfoot hunt.

    CB; If only the objects turned colors to help with the psychic read!

  9. I met a man at a psychic fair who required an object to give a reading. I didn't have anything personal with me, and ended up handing him a makeup compact from my purse! It must have been enough, because as he held it up to his forehead and concentrated, he told me I was getting a new car. It so happened that I WAS getting a new car a few days after the reading. There's no way he would have known that! It was funny, because he'd just been talking to some of my friends and not getting any info from their objects. When I told him that he was correct about my new car, he pounded his fist on the table and yelled "I got one!" :)

  10. JH; Haha. Yeah. I had one like that the other night. I read someone's ring and I locked my eyes on the wrong space around me and got info that was off. Some was on, but not a lot. I rarely don't lock my eyes on the right spot.


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