Saturday, September 3, 2011


Tommyknockers are mythical creatures associated with mines. The legends spread around the US from the Cornish people who were brought in to mine. They brought with them the legends of their land. One of those legends was about these little creatures.

The legend said that they were the souls of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent to work the tin mines by the Romans. These little man-like creatures were green and 2-feet tall, wearing miner's garb.

They came by the name for the knocking sounds heard before a cave-in. Some believed it was a warning knock, others thought it was the sounds of the Tommyknockers tearing down the mine. Some believed that they were responsible for the wealth of the miners when the miners were being good. If a miner was being bad, the Tommyknocker could bring about death and injury. They were believed to be mischief makers and when a hammer went missing, it was blamed on the Tommyknockers.

Upon occasion, people would become so fearful of the Tommyknockers and bad luck in the mines, that they would refuse to enter and the mine would need to be closed down. Although belief in the Tommyknockers diminished over time in the 20th century, the term is still bantered about amongst miners.


  1. ... or were they ancient aliens stealing earth's resources? Hmmmmmm?

  2. That's how I'd disguise myself. Gray aliens would just be too obvious, huh?

  3. Don't think I'd ever want to be in a mine with one of them.

  4. very interesting. i can now say that i learned something today!

  5. Did somebody say 'knockers'? ;)