Saturday, September 24, 2011

Syfy Original Movie--Morlocks!

In Morlocks, premiering Saturday, September 24, at 9PM (ET/PT), a scientist creates a time traveling device that transports people into a desolate future overrun by lethal humanoids, the Morlocks. Unfortunately, the creatures figure out how to transport themselves back into present day, triggering a race against time between human and humanoid. Starring Hewlett and Picardo, Morlocks is a production of UFO Films.

Seriously, if y'all are a bunch of MST 3000 fans and love watching a movie so bad it's good, this sounds wonderful. Syfy seriously pumps out the best of the worst. Let's have some fun tonight!


  1. But without Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo mocking it, it's just a bad movie. :D Best to watch it with friends and make fun of it yourself.

  2. Jeter wrote a book called "Morlock Night" sadly similar basic story. Well maybe good for a laugh...

  3. Sounds like another version of Planet of the Apes....