Thursday, September 8, 2011

Syfy: The New Show You Need!

Syfy, since nearly everyone in creation is getting a stab at a show on your channel, let me give you one that will be what the viewers really want to see, not too expensive, really engaging.

What you've been doing wrong with all the loser shows is that you aren't character driven. We see people doing paranormal stuff, but we see no one evolving because of it. You want to appeal to the "Biggest Loser" "Amazing Race" and "Ghost Hunters" people all at one time.

So, here's my show concept I'm pitching:

"Paranormal Journey"

You get this crazy redhead who is enthusiastic, funny, perky and very good at counseling people through paranormal experiences. She has a sense of adventure and a true love of meeting new people.

You take this said redhead on the road. She randomly picks out Mr. Suburban homeowner or city apartment dweller and knocks on his door and says, "Hey, you want to go on a paranormal adventure without any knowledge of what or where?" These are people with perhaps no interest in the field or exposure. Is he up for a challenge and disruption from his daily life?

When the person agrees, they pack up and fly together to a location. They discuss his life and experience with the paranormal and gain insight into his ongoing issues at home, his life challenges, things he's overcome. Those struggles and strengths will help them when the redhead takes him perhaps hunting Bigfoot with a team in the Northwest, staying the night in a haunted castle while trying to raise the dead, or looking for the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens.

Through laughter and coach counseling, the redhead gets the participant to face his scariest challenge alone, comparing it to other life challenges, and then on the way home, discuss how it changed his life and what he intends to change in his own life henceforth. Perhaps, after a truly unexplained encounter, Mr. Suburbs might even decide to change the paranormal in search of answers.

This is about facing your greatest fears of the unknown and then applying it to your life. This is the basis of my book "Was That a Ghost?"

Okay Syfy, tell me that doesn't totally curl your toes? I know my savvy readers will say it does!


  1. Or add a skeptic to GH or a GH clone who would speak his mind. For example. I wasn't impressed with the sounds of walking heard on the floor above because I have to accept your word that the sound originated there. It could have been a crew member tapping on the wall and everyone looked up.

    Did someone loosen the bulb to the motion detector? May I check that coat for strings. Challenge the show(s) to be better.

  2. They almost need to have a camera crew filming the camera crew. If they want to impress me, let's have total control--fixed cameras and hand helds and only 2 people allowed in the building at a time with no sound people or camera people or anyone else but those 2 investigators. Then, as they stay still, let's see if they have footsteps. It's just having that crew around that makes the whole things uber messy and rather hard to believe.

  3. What is added in post-production? Sounds? Film footage shot on a different night?

    A part of any paranormal show should have one or more people expressing a different opinion challenging theories and traditional beliefs.

  4. Here's the way I wanted to do it for a reality show "Ghost House." You take experts, a psychiatrist, a geologist, an electrical engineer, a sound specialist, a physicist, psychic, a cop, and more. You put these maybe 8 people in a haunted location to live 24/7 for like 6 weeks to do an ongoing study and come up with new ways to test and adapt to the phenomena. You put cameras and mics everywhere. The people drive each other bonkers trying to work and go for a common goal when some don't believe in ghosts, others do. They confront each other and sometimes the mounted cameras to let their steam off. The middle of the night, they take turns monitoring the place and trying old and new techniques in ghost hunting to look for efficacy. Over the breakfast table they argue back and forth about the paranormal. This is what I love with my team, after a hunt, we're hyped up to discuss paranormal theories and what we encounter and how to adapt new testing methods the next time. That conversation doesn't get to be shared on paranormal shows. It's a bummer. That's where the good stuff happens.

  5. I think they should really give you your own show! I would watch it!:)

  6. Yeah? Well, probably just for the chuckles. I'm often all arms and legs, and so full of energy, I'm knocking stuff over and giddy with excitement. Just my luck, I'd get us lost the woods looking for Bigfoot and we'd end up at some Unabomber-type shack and that'd make for a whole different episode.

  7. Your ideas sound wonderful. I think you should really pitch them to SYFY. We need something good to watch.

  8. Sounds like "I Love Lucy" meets "Ghost Hunter" - I'd totally watch that show!

  9. Hmm... Where would one find a crazy, perky redhead? Can't think of any right now. I'm married to one, be she's not into that... There must be someone out there.

  10. Yeah, I'll keep my eyes open. Might find one in the mirror.

  11. hell ya i'd go on a paranormal journy!!! I could be crew member.. im one of those vary querious indivduals that pushes thing in every direction.. ya never know what happens