Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Staying Up-To-Date In the Field of Paranormal

Staying up-to-date on research, being a part of an ongoing conversation about the paranormal world, getting new points of view and perspectives, are critical if we want to grow the field and if you want to grow as an investigator.

I and two of my team members from POE, as well as two members of API (my favorite AZ ghost hunting team) are going to attend a very interesting talk in October. I will be reporting about it on the blog, duh! We are even going to the dessert social afterward to be able to mingle with the speakers and others who are interested in the field of all things paranormal. Just look at the plans for this lecture--isn't it grand? We'd also like to thank Jeremy at Herberger Theater for accommodating our group and finding us such awesome seats! That guy went the extra mile!

Join Dr. Barry Taff and Loyd Auerbach, M.S. at the entertaining crossroads where thought-provoking research meets the truly spine-tingling.

In this presentation by two of the world's most respected parapsychologists, we'll hear about breakthrough, science-based research into ghosts, psychic abilities and other elements of what we call 'supernatural' and hear some of their most chilling personal experiences.

Among the many topics:
What is there really to be afraid of when it comes to the paranormal?

Just what IS a ghost? What do we know and what do we THINK we know about things that go bump in the night?

What is the connection between UFO-related events and other paranormal phenomena?

Where is scientific study of Psi heading and who is using this research? Can you spot a true psychic vs. someone practicing mentalism?

Is there research that can help us understand and use paranormal phenomena in our daily lives?

An optional dessert reception with the speakers after the presentation is also offered (limited availability).

More information, including speaker bios can be found at www.CauseWorthyProductions.com

Between great blogs and websites, books and documentaries, a person can stay up-to-date in the field. I also suggest you look for paranormal lectures in your town and consider look on www.meetup.com to find a meetup group for paranormal, ESP, UFOs and other subjects of interest.


  1. While I don't doubt that it will be entertaining and perhaps a bit informative, I must admit I am waiting for more scientific discussions of such phenomena. Often these talks take on the forms of metaphsyical and philosophical conjecture and lend us very little in the way of quantitative assessments of the paranormal. Where is the hard data? The theories and proofs? I want to see formulae! :D

  2. Thanks for giving us all the up to date findings on everything paranormal! :)

  3. Yeah, the last one I went to about EVPs was unbelievably disappointing and the man was a parapsychologist, but he was so not grounded in fact. I kept catching him on points that had no logic and finally just kept my mouth shut. I would love to hear from university researchers. I am always into hearing what those with more access to more ongoing research and cases have to say. All we can do is draw conclusions without controlled experimentation.