Friday, September 2, 2011

Sexy Steampunk and Costume Fashions

I am a gal who never wanted to stop playing dress-ups! It might explain why I loved modeling and pageants and why every Halloween I become a freak and some day, when I have a man to entertain, I'd like to enjoy an extensive collection of expressive costumes for his viewing pleasure. In the mean time, I just look at the Pyramid Collection Catalog and sigh and daydream.

Let's start with costumes and work our way to "street" clothes. How do you like the idea of being a female Robin Hood? Check out this number.

Want something a bit darker and more vampiress? Try this.

Here's a more subtle way throughout the day to show your dark side.

How about just going out to supper but want to show you're a little more intriguing than the other gals? Perhaps a bit edgy? Perhaps a bit mysterious? No one will stop looking at your buckles all night in this one.

Going on a date but don't want to look too goth? How about some steampunk sexy shoes?

Okay, now that I've whetted your appetites, go forth and find ways, either blatant or subtle, to say you are just a little more interesting than the other gals!

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  1. Gotta admit, I love the dress with the buckles!!

  2. That little sword earring is really cool! The little blood drop at the end of it is a nice little touch. :)

  3. I seriously want them all! I'd love to go on a date in the black buckle dress and steampunk shoes. If I ever dated....

  4. Love the Robin Hood and shoes, really, all of them. Fun post! (I linked to your post here on Totalally Girlie; love steam punk fashion.)

  5. I love them all. The earrings are very interesting. I would like a pair.

  6. I liken costumed play to assuming a new (better?) persona. I'm already started my costume this year. It's basically a grittied-up version of the Phantom of the Opera. Should look really cool!

  7. Pyramid Collection has become quite the fantasy chick's wardrobe mistress & accessorisier, hasn't it? Love their Dagger Drop earring! You might also want to purvey what Angry, Young, & Poor™ has, for more Punk Rock themed clothes. Then again, for more Gothier & Cyber Punk threads, have a gander at Fuck the Mainstream™ as well. Have an excellent Labor Day weekend! ~ (•8-D