Monday, September 5, 2011

QUIZ" What Paranormal Show Is This?

Don't scroll down to see the answers until you've tried to answer them!

1. What show did these lines below come from?

"We are clearly in a squatchy area”
“Maybe it was a dumb squatch”
“We've got squatch”
“I do think there is a squatch in these woods.”
“Some people sing in their cars, I do Bigfoot screams.”
“I went off the deep end of squatch after that."

2. What show had one investigator wearing a tiara in the dark?

3. What show had one team member trying to level a swingset?

4. What short-lived show had a woman with psychic powers and her frustrating children shown in everyday life?

5. What show had an investigator reciting poetry to a woman before a ghost hunt?

6. What show featured two brothers who kicked butt in the paranormal world with tons of tricked out gear and a huge traveling van?

7. What show had an investigator burying magical protective coins on the property?

8. What show had college kids vying to be a new investigator?

9. What show involves the retelling of ghostly encounters with a narrator whose voice could put one to sleep?

10. What old MTV show put college-age people in haunted places and rigged them up with cameras and tasks while they screamed and ran and hid?

1. "Finding Bigfoot"
2. "Ghost Hunters" (Tango when he was new to the team)
3. "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" (the perpetually moving swing in Argentina"
4. "Mary Knows Best"
5. "Ghost Adventures" (Zak Bagans)
6. "Ghost Lab"
7. "Paranoid State" OOPS "Paranormal State" (Ryan Buell)
8. "Ghost Hunters Academy"
9. "A Haunting"
10. "Fear"


  1. I had a finding bigfoot flashback thanks to this post. Someone made a 'squatch' drinking game, and all I remember was being PLASTERED.

  2. HeeHee. It was begging for a drinking game!

  3. I watch almost all those shows and I only got 1 right! :( a haunting is my favorite

  4. I knew most of them. I couldn't remember the Mary Knows Best, just her name.

  5. Haha. We're all dorks, aren't we? Rose--I'm not surprised. I gave some very strange clues. Had I not written the quiz, I probably would have flunked. Sis--yeah, thankfully she didn't make a whole season. God, what an obnoxious human being!