Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quiz: Name that Horror Movie!

How well do you know horror movies? Take this quiz and see how you scored:

1. Haddonfield was in what movie?
2. Which movie had the hero wielding a buzz saw for a hand?
3. Spivey Point was a fictitious location in what movie?
4. "When hell has run out of room, the living dead shall walk the earth," was quoted in what movie?
5. This comment was observed in what movie: "Every angle is slightly wrong...a fairly large distortion in the house as a whole"?
6. What movie included a bunch of short stories with one of them involving a creepy trunk under the stairs in a university building that had a monster inside?
7. What movie had people freaked out by a clown doll riding a tricycle?
8. People thought they missed the fate of death, but death caught up to them eventually in this popular movie that spawned a lot of sequels including a 3D version.
9. New York was attacked by a monster and it was all caught on a camcorder in this thrilling horror movie.
10. In this horror movie, a man takes an unusual job for the wintertime and ends up trying to kill his family.

1. "Halloween"
2. "Army of Darkness"
3. "The Fog"
4. "Night of the Living Dead"
5. "The Haunting"
6. "Creepshow"
7. "Saw"
8. "Final Destination"
9. "Cloverfield"
10. "The Shining

Now, count up how many you got right and see how you did:

8-10 correct: You are officially a horror movie fan
5-7 correct: You dabble in horror.
2-4 correct: You aren't much of a fan.
0-1 correct: And you read my blog, why?


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit how many I got right... I demand a recount! :P

  2. I got slightly better than half of them. That's pretty good.

  3. Cullan; Not bad. I suspect had it be odd paranormal facts, you would have won the quiz!

  4. call me 'the dabbler'... as opposed to 'the dribbler'! :P lol

    actually, by not seeing all you list does NOT water down horror fans, it just means some are not worth seeing... the first time :O

  5. whatcha call an eyeless fish? fsh :P

  6. LW; What are you drinking? I want some of that.

  7. I'm PISSED!!! I only got 6 out of 10 correct and I knew at least 2 of the ones I got wrong...UGH!!!!

  8. Carol--that was actually really good! I figured even my most hardcore horror lovers would get half.

  9. i got 9 out of 10, cause i never saw cloverfield... i am in need for some therapy!

  10. Max-not surprised you passed with flying colors. You are the king of all horror movies.

    Jeremy--you need to see Cloverfield and then be sure and see Trollhunter! It totally rocks!!!

  11. I got them all, but I still stand by that Cloverfield SUCKED. Trollhunter was much better.

  12. Kweeny--I agree! Cloverfield had its moments. I still can't see that scene where they climb across the high rise to get to the trapped woman without my palms sweating. I think that was one of the most creepy scenes ever because you don't know where the monster is, how the building will hold up, and I hate heights! I also loved the subway scene with the spider thingies, but other than that, suck-idge. TrollHunter totally rocked! I am going to watch that director closely and hope he taps that creepy legendary creatures and reality to make it seem feasible. I seriously would like to go to Norway now and hunt for trolls! Some day, I wouldn't be surprised if I leave y'all a note that I'm hiking some fiord looking for the boogers.