Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obscure and Mainstream Bigfoot Documentaries

"Mysterious Monsters" Narrated by Peter Graves. Mid 1970s. This was released in the theater. I remember. I went to see it. It actually scared me and spawned yet another Bigfoot hunt in the woods around my home.

The film quality is rough, but it's actually very cool for recreations and some BF stories you've never heard before. Sometimes, the older stories get lost for the newer ones with witnesses with fresh memories. We are led to believe Peter Graves is in search of proof that sings to him. He wants to believe in the creature, but he'd like to hear from scientists and even a psychometrist who (if there is no prompting for his read was exceptionally good). Honestly, I love this one! I just love to hear stories I haven't heard over and over again.

"Bigfoot Lives" Tom Biscardi. I know I'll get reamed for even mentioning this one. I think it's worth a watch, but not a buying! Don't let this Barnum and Bailey yahoo profit from it. It is hilarious to watch. Tom is a real tool. Did Matt Moneymaker go to his school of performance in pomposity? Hmm.... The stories are preposterous and the "proof" absolutely ridiculous but still it is a blast to watch him parading a severed hand and severe leg.

"Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie" This documentary follows two good ol' boys from Ohio who proclaim to have had many encounters with Bigfoot. The story is as much about their lives as and their desire to be special than anything else. So far as its proclamation of getting proof of BF, it's rather flabby, but as a character study, you find yourself getting sucked into these men's world and rooting for them to get the proof that will land them fame.

What is mainstream and good?

I have an extensive collection of BF. Many of the documentaries are lackluster. Some are good standards. If you want something classic to add to your collection, I'd suggest "Sasquatch Odyssey." It has the standard creepy music and format of the 70s ones but more updated and modern.

"Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide" was a fine discussion amongst professionals in a round-table type format, but there wasn't anything really new or exciting on the accounts/evidence side. As a theories gal, I really liked just listening to the different experts support or dispute evidence. It was the kind of discussion I would love to take part in.

Some of the best BF documentary info was done on Monsterquest series and my favorite was "Sasquatch Attack" at the cabin in Canada. That episode was a classic with some interesting evidence.

My favorite of the TV episodes ever about Bigfoot was the 70s "In Search Of"

If you look these up on YouTube, you can get a lot of these episodes in full.

For a long time now, there's been hype about an upcoming documentary backed by "The Erickson Project" with rumors regularly being circulated about amazing evidence, a toenail, DNA, a dead Bigfoot mom and child. It will be hard to finally release this unless there's something to back it. Otherwise, it's just another Refrigerator BF. I find it hard to believe they would sit on evidence that world-changing without it either truly leaking out or them rushing to present it and make the most bang for the buck on the evidence. I remain very skeptical.

Oh yes, before the Bigfoot hunt coming up, I am enjoying all these videos and contemplating some truths about BF and I think that, like ghosts, if you go after him, intent upon him, thinking about him, searching for him, you will drive him away. I believe that these creatures, like us psychics, can feel intent upon us. Those who happen upon him are not looking, they're hiking, fishing, and camping and thinking about all sorts of things, but not about him....

I'd also like to thank Cliff Barackman from my very favorite new show, "Finding Bigfoot" for reading my LAUGH post parodying his show. He has a great sense of humor besides being intelligent and easy on the eye.


  1. hey lil lady created a blog for stories have one post asking for ideas

  2. You know me, I love any show or documentary on Bigfoot. I saw the ones in the 70's at the theaters and they scared the crap out of me. I was glad to not live near the woods.

  3. I agree bigfoot has always been of intrest to me as well. I grew up in upsate ny near white hall ny when the bigfoot sighting was spoted on what is now a golf corse lol

  4. I loved "In Search Of..." but I don't really want to watch it again because it won't be as good as what I remember. Bigfoot always struck me as a real '70s kind of guy for some reason. Maybe it's that post-hippie look he likes to rock.

  5. I think I saw one of these on the history channel today! lol