Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspirational: We Are All Underdogs

("A Christmas Story" best kid getting bummed about Christmas movie ever)

Do you remember as a kid, getting so excited about Christmas? The first piping of the tunes in the department stores made you look to your parents, hoping the subliminal message penetrated their preoccupied minds. There was hope about everything and wishes and big dreams. I was going to be a Charlie's angel, a cartographer, archaeologist and fashion model/movie star. There was no ceiling on dreams. Then, someone invariably came along and gave you underwear on December 25th or told you how you could never be a movie star because only one in a million ever make it. You need a REAL career!

("Office Space")

So, you get a real career and then you are forgotten until time to evaluate your production. So, there you are in your cubicle making widgets and answering to the corporate mass like a whipping boy. You know those dreams? You still stubbornly hold onto them. "Some day, I'm gonna tell them to take this job and shove it up their ass!" Folks tell you that you should find your happiness in relationships, not the money-making job, so you do a little dating and find someone you might just want to spend your life with. Maybe there is hope yet!

("Meet the Parents" Best ever meeting the future in-laws movie ever)

She seems ideal; sexy, funny, interested in what you have to say. Then, dark secrets begin to rain on that dream. Her brother is in prison. Her mother has a pill popping issue. Her dad? Well, the last three boyfriends he scared from the premises by insisting on talking to them while wearing his tighty whities. Once again, you're feeling like the only sane person in an insane world.

Well, it's true, we're all underdogs our whole lives. Circumstances put upon us, people interfere with our goals, times change, dreams collapse. Still, we're in good company. After all, it happens to all of us. Even celebrities can't seem to find happiness in love and often resort to doing horrible movies just for cash.

So, next time you're feeling kind of sorry for yourself, just remember this. It could be worse. You could be this dude with the Swingline stapler and book of matches....

("Office Space" best damn corporate comedy ever!)

**No Lonely on a Fright Night tonight. I'm actually going out on the town and hitting Spirit Halloween Store--hope to report back!**


  1. There's actually a musical stage play version of "A Christmas Story" being produced.

  2. Brilliant! I think everyone considers that their favorite and it's crazy because it's not that old and yet it was classic immediately. Why can't more moviemakers make classics these days???

  3. It's hard to say what makes a film a classic, but I think there has to be something that speaks to people, something they can connect with aside from the story itself.

    Even though the movie was set before my time, I could still relate to its themes on many levels. And I think that's still true for most people, even today. It's got heart.

    Also, the film-makers didn't get due recognition for their attention to detail - the cars, the clothes, the household things, the music - all those things were spot-on and genuine according to my parents, who were kids during that era.

  4. Yeah, it was an eternal theme--kid's greatest Xmas wish and his screwy family.

  5. Yeah, but you can't feel too sorry for the stapler guy, given how that movie ends! :) I love Office Space and A Christmas Story. Yeah, just like in real life those characters have their ups and downs. Those movies still have pretty positive endings, though.

    Good luck with your shopping! I had fun looking around a Halloween Express store today.

  6. Have fun at the store and bring us back something cool!! :)

  7. I feel so jipped--the Spirit Halloween here wasn't open yet! JEEZ! I did pick up a six pack of pumpkin ale though--it's officially the season!

  8. ugghh the spirit Halloween over here is still closed too and the target near me is late with putting stuff out not cool. I love A Christmas Story and I,ll watch it for hours when they show that marathon on Xmas. Bob Clark also did one of my favorite horror movies ever and that is Black Christmas. Everyone should forget the remake the original is great and far ahead of it's time. It came out in 1974 4 years before Halloween and still stands up to today.

  9. I'm with you on the original Black Christmas (I think the remake was Black Xmas). Yeah, what's up with our Halloween this year? I need to hit Spirit and cover what I find for the blog. I was going to test out some products in the store and videotape it.

  10. What? The store down the street from me has been open for a couple of weeks. For me, I could skip past Christmas. Blech Humbug! I probably liked it as a kid, but too many years working in the retail world, absorbing everyone's "holiday spirit" (aka their sucktastic blackened souls reaching out with shriveled and greedy arms to elbow fellow customers out of the way for something they don't want before slapping down the money and flipping us workers off) has kinda taken the joy out of the holiday for me. Halloween in my Christmas and Thanksgiving tops the year off for me; my two autumnal holidays. SIGH. After that, it's all just waiting to get it over with. Working hard to get people presents that they don't really appreciate. Not for me. I hunker down low and plow through the remaining weeks and wait for New Year's to be over.

  11. Cullan; you are humbugger. Hee hee. I feel the same. I adore making the huge T-giving feast. I am over the top with that! Of course, with no huge family to do that for anymore now that I'm divorced, I am considering the option of Chinese takeout. Halloween is it! I live for the season. Last year, I had an amazingly creepy window display for the kiddies and like 6 kids came! I live in a huge apartment complex? WTF? If I lived in an apartment, I'd rush around to get the most candy in the shortest distance. Weirdorama. Christmas is okay with me. Not the same out west. Doesn't feel like Xmas or smell like it and I hate artificial trees. I spent years in marriage making the most thoughtful and amazing gifts for people and making them ooh and ahh and making crazy spreads and tons of cookie packages and I really don't miss the hassle. I have to admit, I never enjoyed Xmas--it was the season of "to-dos"