Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Make Halloween Props

First, I'll tell you how I did this zombie makeup:

Take Elmer's Glue or liquid fake skin and use a Q-tip and apply it to your face and make some gloppy and thick areas where there will be wounds. Let it dry complete.

Now, take purple eye shadow and use a sponge to pat it around in spots around the face to make mottling. Next, mix black and white face makeup to make gray and sponge that all over the face, patting it on so the purple remains seen through it like splotchiness. Take the purple and work some bruising under the eyes. Peel back some of the flesh so it dangles and then put more gray makeup under it where your naked skin is exposed. When you want to do a wound, use a toothpick to dig a hole into the fake skin and take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a dark area deep inside the wound to give it depth. If you want to add bruising, use purple in the center, green around it and then yellow on the outer edge. Take fake blood and put it in a straw or the cap of the bottle and gently pour some of it into the wound's hole and let it drop naturally. Drip some at the corner of your mouth or other wounds. Consider doing your lips with the same gray as your skin and add a little blue if you like for that cyanotic look.



  1. Fake poop's better than the real thing.

  2. I liked the fake poop. Think about it, you can make that in any friend's bathroom with a toilet paper tube and some water. How nice is that?

  3. hey love the artical warr309

  4. Yeah, remind me not to let you use my bathroom.... LOL!