Happy Birthday To Me!

September 17th. Virgo Baby. Fifth of 7 children (twins were stillborn before me). Dead at birth, brought back around 4 minutes. Mom waited until dad went to his first day on his new job before calling a taxi to pick her up. She started pushing me out as the cab drove over the Potomac.

Yeah, I was born with a double earlobe on the left. A psychic medium once told me it meant I was psychic. Well, whattaya know?

I was a tomboy who also worshipped Cher for being daring enough to run around in almost no clothing and be tall and flat-chested in a world of buxom short ladies. I loved dressups as much as I liked beating boys in spitting contests. I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel, and I also wanted to be a freestyle rollerskater and a fashion model.

Some day, I promised myself I'd be in the Miss USA pageant (official pageant photo above). I was in Miss Arizona USA, but I won't tell you the date I did it. I wanted to model. I modeled. I wanted to live in California. I lived in California. I wanted to be a writer. I'm a writer. I come by the red hair honestly--I'm tenacious as hell when I have a goal in mind.

Yeah, in high school I twirled a mean short flat. Loved baton twirling, dancing on skates, trick skateboarding, springboard diving, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, dance, you name it! I couldn't sit still. I never could care less what others were doing. I competed with myself and still do. People are apples and oranges, no comparison. What others want, is not what I want. I look to myself for the next cue as to what and how much to achieve.

A helluva lot of times in my life, I got the message I'm not supposed to be here. I was born dead and mom wasn't supposed to have any more kids. She had cancer and the surgery she thought would make the pregnancy very high risk. I had a million close-calls as a kid. I got sucked under a waterfall on my 15th birthday and was about to suck in water when my brother saw my hand above the water and pulled me out. I had cancer at 17. I don't know what it is about me, but I seem to carry a strange torch inside me to be optimistic, to never give up hope, and always plunge forward. I really like the ride of life more than the end product. I'm not into acquiring, having, status, and all that stuff. I simply want to know that I left the earth a bit better for being here, affected change in others by mirroring how awesome and precious they are. I live to be excited about every day, every new adventure, every insane plot and plan. I live for experiences and connections.

So, another year under my belt and more wisdom than any one person should possess. I've handled huge dramas and horrible losses and I wouldn't take back one person--good or bad, one experience--good or bad, one failure or loss. I am humbled by the experience and always working to understand how I cut through space and time and blaze a trail, changing the world forever just for existing, against the odds at my birth when the doctor and nurses worked hard to revive me, not realizing they were changing the world too.


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU!! Beautiful post and amazing life story!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to an awesome woman. You have led an amazing life. i loved reading about your life.

  3. http://gnostalgia.wordpress.com/2011/09/17/happy-birthday-autumn/

    Have the happiest of birthdays!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope something scary happens!

  5. Happiest of all birthdays, may you find your day gleaming with smiles and cheer!!

    I know I am smiling!


  6. I know that my life is so much better with you in it. Thanks for everything my little Sis! Have a happy birthday!

    Love ya,

  7. Ever since we've met, Sharon, well, at least through the interwebs, I've recognised a very special woman, and one who derserves every goodness in the world. Here, on your Solar Return (that's astrologer argot for birthday), why not fill in the necessary birth info over @ AstroLabe and see how accurate their natal report on you is. All the very best wishes to you on this sacred day.

    Your likewise Otherworldly adoptive older brother in the Old Dominion,
    Anadae Quenyan Effro

  8. Aw, y'all are so precious! This girl was happy to survive this many years just so she could call every one of you friend. I started blogging to find my tribe and a fine tribe it is!

  9. Autumnforest - Many Blessing on your birthday - May all your good dreams come true.
    Cherry Hinkle - at Facebook

  10. "When the world says, 'Give up,'
    Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.'"
    ~Author Unknown

    Have a Happy Birthday, Autumn!

    - Damian

  11. HN;
    Thanks, sweetie. I hope your weekend is filled with autumn weather. I miss the season soooooo much!

  12. Now it all makes sense! My birthday was yesterday!
    Happiest of daze to you, my fellow Virgo!

  13. CG; Us Virgos really get each other! I hope you had a great b-day, sweets.

  14. Happy Birthday! You should write a post on double earlobes cuz i really want to read more about it.

  15. Hee hee. Actually, I noticed Adam Sandler has one and so does the Asian Chick from "Lost." Whenever I see them, I take note. They're not all that unusual, actually. I used to have mine double pierced, but when I modeled, "flaws" were not acceptable. So, when I got my broken nose straightened out, I had them do surgery on the lobe. The funny thing is, the surgery didn't really do much of anything. It's not a full double lobe now, but it's still heart-shaped. I think it was telling me "you're okay like you are, dear."

  16. I didn't see this until today. so I figure I can wish you a happy belated birthday! Hope it's a great year ^.^


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