Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Elvira!

Since today is Elvira and I's birthday, I'm telling my favorite role model--Happy Birthday! (not me, Elvira!) It's also Andrea's birthday, a fantastic blogger with the world's best penchant for ghost stories.

I never really looked into Elvira's background. I just remember as a teen watching her host horror movies and having a blast making light of the movies. She didn't particularly become a focus over my years or come across my mind except at Halloween when she came back on TV for the season in the forefront. Hey, I'm not a dude, the obvious reasons one loves Elvira never impressed me. But, I stood back and studied her a while back and realized a few things about the fantastic horror gal--we have a helluva lot in common that I never knew!

We share the same birthday--September 17th. Holy fuck! What are the chances?? She loves to make fun of the very genre she loves. You might note that I have a tendency to mock the TV ghost hunting shows. I can't help it. I can't take them seriously. They're just so awful! We're both redheads--didn't know that! She's 5'7", I'm 5'8". She admired Ann Margaret. I did too! She was a dancer. I danced. Both vegetarian.

There might be a "couple" other assets we share...

I guess this explains why I feel a strange connection with her whenever she's on TV and I see her. I think, "I know this gal!" She sometimes even says what I'm thinking in the same way I'd say it and that's crazy creepy.

Yes, we might have quite a lot in common, except I look miserable in black and she looks awesome.

Well, a girl's gotta have a role model!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

  2. Thanks WicKED! It was a nice birthday. No kisses though. Some day, a man will kiss me on my birthday. God, I'm so Molly Ringwald!

  3. I feel so honored to share a birthday with two great people. Hope your birthday was awesome!

  4. Andrea, it was wonderful. I hope yours was true magic.

  5. Oh my God! What a coincidence that there are two women who both have the same birthday AND have boobs. I am amazed (and cynical as usual). I share a birthday with Tiger Woods, but we are NOTHING alike. Oh wait...we are both male.

  6. I'm suspecting, dear, that at this point, you and Tiger play golf with the same skills.