Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ghost Photos: The Explainables


(above-moth and dust)

(above-fingertip nearby)


(above-dust shaken from a feather duster)

(above-cold breath)

(above-camera strap)

All I can say is, take the time to try your camera out with flash under lots of circumstances so that you begin to recognize what you camera does under certain circumstances. When I hunt, I wear a finger flashlight that is a velcro ring with a little flashlight on it. It's really helpful, but I have to be careful to wear it on my left hand. Why, you ask? Because one night, I had it on the right hand and every time I clicked the camera button, hairs caught in the velcro from me running my hands through my hair, dangled in front of the lens and created amazingly cool "shooting things" in all the shots. I remove camera straps too, just so it's never an issue. Never take pictures while walking and don't take any pictures until everyone has settled in for a while and hasn't been stirring up carpet dust, room dust and clothing/hair dust. Screw it on rainy and snowy nights. And, if it's really cold, you need to take a deep breath, hold it and take your shot. Know what the area looks like in the daytime so that when you go back later to look at the night shots, you'll know what that "blue thingie" in the background of that shot was (a sign that you saw in the daytime). That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. You should do a similar post about video taping, which has many of these problems as well as some others.

  2. great artical Autumn letting people know what common mistakes are

  3. Great advice. It drives me nuts when people get excited over 'orbs' and they're just dust.

    Thanks for the tips!!

  4. Hee hee. I want to keep it real. Let's get excited about evidence that stands up to the "tests."

  5. how are you Autumn ? dale being haved ? lol warr309

  6. The very fact that you care enough to debunk suspicious images makes your work seem much more creditable.