Dale the Doll's October Antics!

Those who have followed my blog know that every October my ventriloquist doll, Dale, gets possessed by a magician's spirit trying to take him over. His usual grumpy self becomes dark and unpredictable. Here are just some of the things he's done to me in past Octobers, so be prepared! He might just stalk your blog and leave comments now that he's getting restless as October comes closer....

First, he starts plotting....

He films me while I sleep....

He hides the knives every October....

He films a dolly porn....

Then, Skittles the Clown gets him "Poltergeist" style! (I really should thank that doll)


  1. Puleeze...Dale is all bluster and bull sh*#. Relax and enjoy your October, that little plastic pin cushion only wishes he was Chucky.

  2. Calm down Dale! Jeez! Be good for the human. If Dale was mine I would spank him for all the bad things he does! Bad puppetdoll!

  3. I am already dreading what he does this October. Just last night, he pulled a prank on me that, well, I'll have to share it on the blog this week so you can see what I'm up against already in September.

  4. I can't help it... Dale looks so cute in his little jammies!


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