Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biography Channel: Lots of Paranormal

Cox Cable is just miserable in every single way. They did manage to talk me into digital and it makes zero logical sense. I've had it for months and just found the Biography channel recently. There's over 1000 channels and about 850 of them, I don't get and about 150 of the ones I get suck. Unless I sit there with the tiny card and study it avidly, even with color coding, I have no idea what channels I have until I sit there and go through every fucking channel! Anyway, the way the set it up for us folks with basic tier is that our channels are all over the fucking place. Could they put basic tier as channels 1-150? Nope! They spread them around. Well, when I found Biography, it was a number I remembered!

First, I ran into the show "I Survived...Beyond and Back" which is a mesmerizing storytelling show about people with near-death experiences and the stories are amazing! I cannot stop watching it and it leaves me feeling good and hopeful and intrigued. It is one of my favorite paranormal subjects and I hope to cover it more on the blog since it has a wee bit to do with the part where we actually might become ghosts....

I appreciate the intelligence and quality of their shows. I also found some other paranormal ones that really whet my appetite. This is a channel worth investigating or finding it if your cable company also sucks. Here's just some of them. Check them out online, you can see some episodes to see what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback. I'm a regular on the channel now!

Celebrity ghost stories

Ghostly Encounters

My Ghost Story

Paranormal Zone



  1. I recently saw an episode of "Celebrity Ghost Stories" with Valerie Harper, Mindy Cohn, and a couple of other so-called 'celebrities' that I didn't recognize. Apparently A-List celebrities never encounter ghosts. (LOL!)

  2. i beleve celeb ghost stories like i beleved anna nacole smith and her ghost sex (nooot)

  3. Haha. A-listers just know not to talk about it. Being a ghost hunter and a psychic have never made me popular, just looked at sideways with a bit of fear and concern.

  4. I'll have to check these show's out. I have DISH and have the same problems with channels being all over the place. Half of them I don't even watch.

  5. I have noticed too that they are doing a lot more celebrity ghost stories as well.

  6. These shows are my favorite shows on TV. When I watch, "I survived", I find myself going to my computer to google the convicted people they show at the end of segments. I think to myself.....I hope no one looks at my history, it's somewhat disturbing.