Zombies Are Happening!

Remember this place Julie and I went to not too long ago? It is referred to as the "Slaughterhouse." It is a very cool abandoned farmhouse. It is also the location of a photo shoot we are on today. In fact, following the photo shoot, we are staying for a few nights at a local resort where we will enjoy the swim-up bar and the fantastic restaurant that is built into the rocks. We will also be doing a follow-up study at a cemetery where I have gotten photographic phenomena for over 8 years and bringing in an expert to give some input to what's going on.

Don't worry. We will be plugged in the entire time. We are going over the final edit of "Kickin' Up Dust! (Getting Lost To Find Ourselves)" book and working on the next book, "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" which will be a fun book mocking 1950s housewives by making them post-apocalyptic zombies. Julie will be playing "Stella," the June Cleaver perfect 1950s wife and I will be playing "Liz" the martini-swilling Valley-of-the-Dolls housewife.

We will also plot out the next book in our queue--"Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted."

You can expect even more craziness from the two of us. Julie has a book in at the editor's called "Dead and Buried in the Arizona Desert" and I expect it to be picked up because it's just such a totally cool book!

Perhaps I will post some pool pics of us or some pics of us in our room at the resort. In fact, I've asked Julie if she might like to do a little video of me that y'all might just enjoy. I think it'll make you laugh, though it might make me barf. That's all I'm gonna say...


  1. dare I say it? ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!!! lol.

  2. "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" sounds sooooooooooo brilliant. I can't wait to see the adventures of Stella and Liz!!!

    And barfing... I'm cautiously intrigued!


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