Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Want To Make Extra Bucks? Oh, and Syfy Shows Tonight

Want someone to touch up 5 of your family photos for $5?
Want someone to write you an article on any subject you choose for $5?
Want someone to draw you in a cartoon for $5?

What if you want to...

Sell your services to give someone 5 tips for their blog for $5?
Sell your services to take 5 sunset pictures for someone for $5?
Sell your services putting someone's site on top search engines for $5?

The site fiverr makes it possible to find people to do simple tasks for you, from photoshopping a picture so you look awesome, to restoring and old photo or making a goofy video using a cartoon character's voice. It also makes it possible for you to advertise a simple service you can do for $5 a shot.

Give it a try. It's a brilliant idea. It's almost like bartering.

If you're looking for outsourcing tasks and local services, check out AIRTASKER.

Here's tonight's Syfy lineup of Ghost Hunters International and Legend Quest:


  1. Sorry, I'm a bit upset with Syfy since they cancelled Eureka!

  2. Hmmm. Five bucks. Reminds me of a joke. Too long to put here. Interesting bit of news just the same.

  3. CB;
    Yeah, what is with them lately? They are missing the mark. If they would only hire me, I swear I could turn them around for a tidy profit too!

    Okay, now I want to know the joke.

  4. My prediction for tonight's GHI:
    "What was that?"
    "I feel odd"
    "Did you see that?"
    "Something touched me!"

  5. Barry, my psychic friend, you are sooooo correct! I swear, some time they need to try some real experiments. There's a saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. DUH! In fact, I just pitched an experiment to my team for the next hunt that I have yet to see anyone else try. Should be quite interesting.

  6. I'd like to see some experimentation done ON the ghost hunters. Does a person's psychic abilities increase, decrease, or remain the same during an investigation? Is it ghost activity or psychic activity?

  7. Yes, PK is something we've wanted to investigate on our hunts to see how possible it is for a person to psychically project things. I plan to run our voices through a program that will put them at decibel levels that are above and below human hearing and see if questions get answered on EVP when the question is asked at a certain sound range.

  8. i have a fiver account, i am just not sure what to offer... virtual back massage, perhaps? who the hell uses the word "perhaps" anymore... outside of me

  9. Jeremy;
    Perhaps you are wrong, many of us use perhaps, but mine usually goes like this "perhaps you need a good spanking, hmm?" It sounds a lot cooler that way, huh? Okay, get rid of the visual in your mind, sweets. You do art. I'd suggest a $5 profile pic. Everyone wants their profile pic as sexy as mine is.

  10. family photos for $5