Virtual Blogging Zombie Walk Event

Okay, y'all. You've probably noticed the beautiful badge to the left side of this post. It was designed by the best custom artist online--izombie. If you haven't decided to jump on-board for the event, consider it.

We have over 2 dozen blogs already committed to doing the event. Basically, it means that you put up a post on September 30th that has to do with zombies--the more creative the better. If you have zombie things to sell, put those up. If you do a video--go for it--just make it zombie themed. The participants will all put the list of links to all the participating blogs on their post and so when folks finish with their cool zombie post, they can click on the next site on the list and see what they have to offer. Zombie lovers can skip around the blog world and find the most awesome blogs of zombie-loving bloggers.

So, contact me if you're interested at

If you want to put the badge on your site--just steal it from this post and link it to this address--it's the post that tells folks all about the event.

Hope to hear from y'all with great interest in being in on a zombie event to catapult us into the hot month of October in the horror world.


  1. Sometimes I think you're reading my mind! I was only just thinking that maybe it was time for a Zombie Walk reminder... then there it is, right before my eyes.

  2. Don't know what I'll post yet, but I'm looking forward too it!

  3. I'm excited. Be as creative as you want! This is your time to shine. When you consider all these bloggers have followers and then you times it by maybe 3-4 dozen bloggers, it's a big audience to impress with your love of horror. I gotta admit, I just love strolling through the posts!

  4. OMG...I am so in! I will now have an excuse to get all Hanibal Lechter and post a recipe for brains!! Look for an email from me!!

  5. can i get out shout oot for the zombies...

  6. All hail the undead! I'm in.


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