Friday, August 5, 2011

URBEX: Southwest Mining Towns

This gem (above) was just out of town on the 77 out of Globe.

This trailer (above) was nearby.

This huge empty hanger/warehouse (above) was with them.

This adorable tortilla factory (above) was in Miami, just below the road to the abandoned houses we enjoy photographing.

Is this quaint or what (above)? The locals in Superior hate outsiders. They slowed down to glare at us but I pretend I don't see them.

This empty garage (above) caught my attention for the light coming out of the back of it.

Empty row of shops (above)

Isn't this old market wall fascinating (above)?

The old Magma Hotel (above)

I always wonder what this building was like before it lost all its parts (above)

Of course, we had to pose at that building

This building (above) had burned out inside and was left to the weather with squeaking metal blowing in the wind

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  1. This are great places for photos. Great shots!
    Any gold?

  2. Hey Adrian. Thanks. I keep telling Julie we need to take my metal detector and some gold pans with us when we do these trips, though the locals would probably go after us with shotguns. :-)

  3. Wow! So many cool abandoned sites in AZ!

    Detroit has a lot of 'abandoned' buildings, but I'd never go in any of them!

  4. Oh jeez! Yeah, we mostly worry about scorpions, killer bees, fire ants, and rattlesnakes here. Those are bad enough, but I think what you'd find in an abandoned Detroit building could be seriously dangerous.

  5. Nice pictures Sis. That warehouse was a bonus thanks to our POE buddy.