URBEX: Abandoned Jail

Yesterday, I wrote about the hunt this year at the abandoned jail, but now I'd like to share some pretty photos of the prison and some videos, as well as telling you what happened in January 2006.

I went to the jail on a workshop of ghost hunters, about 35 or so in the tiny building. It was noisy and crowded, but my ghost hunting buddy and I took over the attic which was a place for trustees. We had settled in and established a sort of understanding with a presence we felt there, a young man.

When some people brought in a Ouija, I was able to get a name for the young man and some information about him. Once I knew who he was, I was able to lock in on him. Over the night, he began to get braver. I sensed him coming closer. I told him I was a mommy and my friend and I told funny stories and laughed. The more we laughed and got comfortable, the closer this simple-minded young man came. I knew that he had the IQ of a 4-year-old and was a simple young man who swept the prison and did chores, but the prisoners were mean to him and taunted him. He didn't trust men. He died in 1918 of the Spanish Flu at a young age.

We were sitting in the attic talking and I was doing as I had been doing all evening, studying where I knew him to be when he moved about. I wanted him to know I saw him (not visually, but sensed him). When some hunters came upstairs and started flashing cameras, I looked over where I knew he was. The flashes went off and for about 4-5 seconds, I got a complete view of this young man. His pose was most unusual. His arms were by his sides, straight and tight to his body, his shoulders drawn up around his ears, his head tucked down and his eyes glaring at me. He looked both uncomfortable about the flashes and people (his back was to them) and looking to me for some kind of help. He was not transparent, nor was he 2D. He looked like an actual person there. In fact, when the flashes stopped, I turned on my flashlight and there was no man up there. I knew there wouldn't be since the women who entered had been together without any men.

This year while there I had a team member pose in the same spot and position. Here is what it had looked like.

Now, here are some photos and videos of the jail to enjoy the beauty of it. I really do love the worn out and aged places. They have such character, just like human faces as they age.

(BELOW: A couple short nightvision vids from the ghost hunt)


  1. Jails are always the freakiest places!! lol.

  2. This is so interesting! My skin was prickling watching the videos.

    This is just random, but the first thing I noticed when I was looking through the photos was the face of a man in the peeling paint - to the right of the corner, midway between the top of the photo and the top of the column heater. It's a 3/4 profile and he has a high forehead. Can you see it?

  3. Wow, now that you mention it, it kind of looks like an alien peek out from behind a tree. hee hee


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