Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Truth About Orbs & Rods

Rods are not other worldly beings, they are insects.

Orbs are not other worldly beings, they are dust, pollen and moisture.

(dust storm)


If you're wandering around a home and taking pictures and get orbs, you just kicked up dust, no matter how clean a house is, it's there and no matter how much you clean your hair, when you run your hand through it, you get particles. If you're outdoors, you will get orbs during concerts, at parks, in graveyards. In fact, if you take the picture in a dusty atmosphere, you can see with your eyes all the particles glowing in the air in front of the flash. The last time Julie and I went on a hay ride, the tractor kicked up tons of dust and when she took a picture, all the people around us let out an excited gasp when they saw the particles light up like glitter.

Lesson done. Class over. Let's move on...

***Tonight is the season ender of GHI and Legend Quest (so soon??)

(GHI in New Zealand "Imprisoned Souls")

(Legend Quest "The Holy Grail)


  1. And if you live further north, sometimes orbs can be snowflakes or sleet!

  2. Thanks Frog Queen. I know I burst some bubbles, but then I leave people with a lot more mysteries and exciting finds so it works out. Eric, yes, what is this thing called snow? I can imagine flashes hitting those flakes at night would be really amazing.

  3. I am sort of enjoying Legend Quest. At least, what I've seen of it.

  4. It's too bad, really, because bugs are a lot more fun when they're mysterious, interdimensional lifeforms, and there's no need to clean up when all the dust is really just a bunch of ghosts!

  5. Pangs; I am not thrilled by Legend Quest. It's not bad. It's just a bit tedious. I feel like I'm watching those recommended videos in class time at school and you begin to nod off...

    Scared; I remember when I first started hunting. I got a digital camera (they were relatively new and this thing was a beast) and I went around graveyards getting orbs and coming home and sitting up all night observing the orbs, their placement, if they had "faces" in them and such. I look back and wonder where, say 10 years from now, I look back at what I've thought I knew about the paranormal and shake my head. It's all a maturation process. I hate to see people get sidetracked when they could be focusing on actual phenomena. There's more than enough mystery out there to be had.

  6. Thank you, Sha', thank you, for doing this particular blogticle. I'd've loved to have been privy to certain rarely seen results when I got orbs once. But no, instead, what I got was a rarely seen function of pine trees emitting a misty spray of their own sap, late one night in Blandy, an experimental farm for horticulture students & an arboretum, down here in Boyce, VA. Oh, well. There'll still be more authentic high weirdness to be recorded in whatever photographic technology is perfected, disembodied souls, nature spirits, the Fae, or whatever else is out there & not in corporeal form any longer. Best wishes, always ~ (•8-D

  7. I've never heard of rods being a thing, although I'm pretty familiar with orbs. I have a photo I might share some time on my blog. I wouldn't really call what is in it an orb, because it's just one, large shape.

    Your last picture is cool, even if it isn't paranormal in nature!

  8. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post about not so mysterious orbs/rods. It makes me cringe every time someone mentions they have a "spirit orb" photo and it's always the aforementioned. *twitch*

  9. I have a photo of my wife and I in Tombstone. I want to send it to you. I'm not sure if it is some crazy bug action or not. Would you email me an address to send it to?
    Sincerely, Jim

  10. I completely agree with Autumnforest. Well said. :-)

  11. I agree that almost every one of the "orbs" people try to pass of in photos are dust or bugs. HOWEVER, I am positive that there are ORBS that occur. I have seen them form and go away with my own eyes without any lightsource on their own in our apartment. They do not form near any window or outside door either, for those who think it's from those. Chris & I have seem them form together at the same time, so I'm not the only one. Not only do they form, but they travel and then disappear. I have even seen them in a close bathroom with no other light source. To top it off, they are not just white, but I have seen many BLACK orbs also. I realize that true orbs are rarely seen, but they DO exist. Seeing them happen with my own eyes eliminates the worry about it being dust or a bug. They light up and even travel on their own. They disappear into walls and thin air. You can read about some or our stories/articles based on our lives on our blog site. See this link if you want to read more about all that happens to us regularaly. - Kim

    1. thanks Kim for your comments - they add some balance to the discussion. I was introduced to Orbs by someone who could see them directly too. They pointed up and said "there is a blue one" - took a picture - and a blue orb was in the picture.

      The dust/moisture trigger is valid many times, but it is not the only answer.

      There is definitely something more going on in the infra red band of vision. I have even observed 'orbs' respond to instructions.