Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Troll Hunter" Reviewed

#1--I'm Norwegian and I SOOOOOO get their horror movies!
#2--I am a troll freak!

Those are the reasons I was thrilled about seeing this movie.

Having seen it, I give it an Autumnforest rating of....3 autumn leaves out of 4.

I can't with a good conscience give it 4 of 4. "Jaws" got that and it's a rare movie that can get a rating where it satisfied all my needs.

I'd suggest you think "Cloverfield" in Norwegian countryside. If you see the freaking movie for the scenery only--you will be enthralled and gasping. I feel such a kinship with their Northwest USA looking clothing, wet damp, glacial lakes, low hanging clouds, extreme bright greens, white stark snow scenes, dirty cars, messy coats, unshaven faces. I wanted to jump into the movie and drive around in the hero's badass truck and chase trolls! In fact, I have a monster crush on the man who played the Troll Hunter.

The story was not a novel concept; college students chase after a man to find that he is hunting trolls and he invites them along to see and film it. The government is keeping a secret from the Norwegian people. A BIG one!

I found strange undertones of the Sami people (Laplanders) and the government treatment of them, including the little jab about that the trolls can smell the blood of Christians and it makes them mad, as if the indigenous people were heathens. I don't know if anyone intended it, but I definitely got the vibes.

What I really loved about the movie is that they took this old legendary creature and made it feasible within the countryside and almost, well, possible. I got so caught up in it, I felt like I was watching a mythology come to life.

Watch in the dark. Have an icy cold beer. Turn up the air-conditioner. Turn on the fan. Huddle under a blanket. Imagine the chilly magical land of Norway and await the storming trolls!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the film. Was one of my favorites this year. How some of the trolls blended in with nature I thought they did a great job at and I totally agree while watching the film I just took it as if this was actually going on and could be feasible in the world today. The Cgi was done well and that huge troll was badass.

  2. Man, I loved the way they incorporated so much of their land and culture into the beings. It even explained the massive rock outcroppings around the land, frozen trolls! Hee hee. I loved that field they were in where the huge boulders were being used to toss at other trolls in a troll battle. I wish they would have shown the troll battle and then I might have given it a 5!

  3. Sooooo glad that you've already got to see it, Autumn! Or, might I say seen them! There's an ongoing story about how the (general) Scandinavian tourist trade did an aboutface over their host countries' representation of trolls as humongous cannibalistic substupid ogres, reducing them instead to the friendly childhood collectible Wishnik™ troll doll, so as to draw more of a tourist dollar.

    There's the book authored by one Kveldulf Gundarsson, Elves, Wights, and Trolls that interested readers of your well-informed & highly intelligent blog might just like to track down.

    Oh! And in keeping with your on again/off again series of interviews with the heretofore thought-to-be mythical being (I recall one you did with a vampire, who seemed lacking in conversant skills, at least in English), you might just want to contact Zardoa Silverstar & his missus, Silver Flame Love, if ever an Elven couple are what you'd like to interview in the future. Peace out ~ (•8-D

  4. Bror;
    You are always such a wonderful knowledgeable dear. I will definitely check into that. I need to get some more folks to interview on alternative lifestyles. I am intrigued by all the ways we can live our lives. It thrills me to no end! Oh, and thanks for the postcard, brother. You are such a dear. I am anxiously working to plan my trip back to the homeland of VA and when I go, you know I will have to meet you and give you the hug you so deserve, big brother.

  5. Yes, Charlie is the one original troll hunter. That would have made it a really different movie--a comedy.