Sunday, August 7, 2011

One-Paragraph Flash Horror Story: Ring of Fire

The campfire was a blessing and a curse. It offered a false security. Even though the light was bright and the air sizzling with heat, it only forced the forest around the camper to be black as midnight. He squinted into the area around him, hearing the heavy-footed creature circling yet again and again. A twig snapped. The sulfurous odor of skunk and wet dog intermingled into a gagging fragrance, making the hair stand on the man's arms. He held a fiery stick in his hand, prepared to make contact with the ungodly tall monster that broke a branch off a tree way overhead. No longer safe by the fire, the camper fled into the distant woods, burning embers of his smoldering stick held high up in the air. That bit of light the camper so valued for safety would be his downfall as the adept Bigfoot gave full chase of the him and his fiery torch.

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  1. He shouldn't have postponed the s'mores... You never know what can happen...