Noftsger Hill Inn: Charming B&B

Rosalie is the beautiful and charming hostess of this ridiculously quaint inn. This old schoolhouse set way up on a steep hillside overlooking the town of Globe, Arizona is done up beautifully in antiques and reminders of the school it once was.

The room we had, #3, is not only a charmingly quirky "haunted" room, but it's huge. It has two queen beds and a twin bed and it's the size of a basketball court. There's a chalkboard and a clawfoot tub, antiques and beautiful windows looking out over the town below.

Rosalie has a fantastic garden where she uses much of the produce for her amazing breakfasts.

A small fridge in the hall has cold sodas and waters.

Breakfasts while we were there:

Coffee, tea, water, juice
black figs (from the garden) and creamy yogurt
Crispy breakfast burrito with fresh veggies and sausage and tomatillo salsa
Fried potatoes

Coffee, tea, water, juice
diced melons with herbs
Omelet with veggies and sausage, bacon
Fresh corn muffins with black fig jam (from the garden)

It's centrally located to the town of Globe where there is a Center for the Arts, some colorful honky tonk western bars, really awesome antique shops and the abandoned jail that gives tours the second Saturday of every month.

If you're thinking of making the drive from Phoenix, I can promise you that it is the most picturesque drive out of Phoenix and it takes just over an hour to get up there, passing through the charming and historic mining towns of Superior and Miami.

425 E North St
Globe, AZ 85501
(928) 425-2260

I don't just highly recommend it, I'm going to be going there at least once a year if I have my way, perhaps in the fall or springtime. I have a post coming out on Monday about the Indian ruins of "Besh-Ba-Gowah" in Globe and that is a definite must-see pueblo you can walk through with the most amazing botanical gardens and gift shop.

Happy adventuring!


  1. "Besh-Ba-Gowah" how do you pronounce that? lol

  2. Haha, "besh-ba-wah way"? "Besh-ba-waghan"? Or, as I told Julie, "best be gettin' drunk."

  3. Fantastic place! I can't wait to go back.

  4. You know, sis, this is our Globe destination place! I want to go when it's cold out so we can enjoy the fireplace.


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