Nerd-Loving Hip Hop Vids

Here's a little something for everyone. Guess which one is my fav (it may not be obvious).

Science-loving nerd? Enjoy this Stephen Hawkings inspired video...

(MC Hawkings "Drive By")

New-age nerd? Enjoy this Buddhist inspired video...

(Arj Barker "Sickest Buddhist")

Steampunk nerd? Enjoy this Victorian-steam engine-inspired video...

(Professor Elemental "Cup of Brown Joy")

Star Trek fan? Enjoy this Enterprise-inspired video...

(Prime Directive and Galaxy Class "Star Trek Rap")

Ghost-loving nerd? Enjoy this ghostbuster-inspired video...

(Run DMC "Ghostbusters")


  1. I'm personally a huge fan of nerdcore rap/hip-hop. I might suggest, beyond these videos: MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Fatty and ytcracker.

  2. Hey Doc; thanks! I'm soooo loving the buddhist one. Jeez--I actually do hip hop dance and made up a routine to it.

  3. What, no "White & Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic? The ultimate nerd rap video!

  4. I suppose it would fit, but it sort of defies a category unless you consider yourself a cracker nerd.

  5. Aren't most nerds crackers? (LOL!)

    And no Star Wars raps? There's a ton of those!

  6. I need to show the Trek one to my roomie. She'll love it.

  7. KT; I like your roommate, she sounds like a fun person.

  8. NERDS!! oh who am I kidding, I am a nerd too. lol.

  9. Perhaps I should have put a zombie nerd video on there???


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