Monday, August 8, 2011

My Zombie Short Video & the Devil's Box

I think all bloggers should help out when they can and just simply make each other's sites even more awesome. I mentioned to a buddy at "Zombies Everywhere" that a little video in the sidebar, something that is sort of "Quarantine" meets "Cloverfield" might be just the thing. Then, I looked down at my table, saw my nightvision camera and proceeded to film how I saw it going down. Enjoy his awesome zombie blog--the dude is seriously going to make zombies end up everywhere, kind of a social movement. Let's infect the world now! Check it out...

On another note, we did do the devil's box experiment during the last hunt. When the audio is reviewed, I'll let you know if it did a damn thing. How is this supposed to create activity? Some folks believe mirrors to be portals from the other side, if you let something into a cube made of mirrors, it will be held trapped and angry. Some folks believe that mirrors actually help to get rid of negative things because when a negative energy sees itself it destroys itself. In fact, some wiccans use mirrors to help mirror back people's negative energy onto themselves. In a feng shui kind of way, the mirrors should technically take chi (energy) and bounce it endlessly and amplify it exponentially when they face each other like this.

I'm not sure what I think of this process. To me, a mirror represents nothing but a reflection of what's around it. They don't seem to be made of anything particularly powerful such as stone or crystal. But, in our desire to try just about everything we can think of, our team decided to give this one a nod and see if it produces anything. We left the recorder in the box while going to supper. When the results are back, I will share them.


  1. i am totally in for the devil box, i watched in anticipation... hope your day is wonderful, and results reveal something of the unknown.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. I admit I'm rather curious. I should close it up. I have it in my apartment. I could see if I notice it making noises. Hmm.... Hee hee

  3. Thanks for the video!!I really do appreciate all the help! :)

  4. Hey Zombie-dude, you're welcome!

  5. Please, do share!
    The thing is, I've seen and heard of so many urban legends about mirrors. You know, ghosts, demons, the usual. So I wanna hear something documented!