Thursday, August 4, 2011

M.E. Brines: Writer of Steampunk and the Unexplained

When you're in a writer's critique group with some of the most talented writers you've ever known, some of those writer's pique your curiosity. M.E. Brines is one of those. He's a highly intelligent, quirky writer who has a vast knowledge of many esoteric things and a steampunk influence. You know for me to think someone's quirky, they are seriously interesting.

In the year that I've known this writer, I've come to find him adorably curmudgeon, quick to have the information necessary, a most excellent editor, and he stopped me in his tracks with his writing. Yes, he's technically flawless, but then he has this child-inside-a-high-IQ-adult attitude that makes his writings entertaining and informative, imaginative and well executed. His dialogue is witty, his action fast-paced and his characters equally as unique as this author.

Today, I'm introducing you to this author who has self-published (smart fellow) on Smashwords. He has both nonfiction in the world of the unexplained and fiction that is fantasy, steampunk, and lots of historical elements.

The book above, The Four Horsemen is described as "Could killing the Four Horsemen avert the Apocalypse? Ishmael is a mercenary down on his luck and looking for some quick gold. Commissioned by a mysterious individual to assemble a team of adventurers to recover a fallen star, they discover that they’ve become pawns in a struggle between the gods. Will Joshua fulfill his destiny? Will Ishmael find redemption? Will the princess find true love?" It sells for only 99 cents. Can you beat that???

I'll be honest, there are 3 writers that I come to the large group to hear each week and M.E. Brines is one of them! That says a lot because I have little patience for weak, uniformed or unimaginative writing. He's presently working on a book that I cannot wait to see published called "Donuts of Doom." It is a steampunk concoction that will tickle your sweet tooth and make all you Tolkien fans go nuts.

How about an informative guide of "Self-Defense Against Alien Abduction" Description: "The possibility of being abducted by aliens is a credible threat. According to a 1991 poll, aliens have abducted nearly four million Americans. Don't become a victim! This concise e-book summarizes eight primary resistance techniques proven successful. Includes references. Very thought-provoking."

Many of his publications on Smashwords are free, so enjoy yourself. The smart guy is getting you addicted to his work like I am.

I find this author seriously individual, original, unusual, intriguing, and adorable. You know I love my nerds! If you want to learn more about the man and his many writings, check here.

Y'all know how I love to promote the talented, big-hearted folks who deserve serious notice. Go explore and enjoy his work. I know I do!


  1. Killing the horsemen us an awesome concept! A whole new look on how to fight the apocalypse! lol. :D

  2. I gotta tell you, most of the really awesome writers are not yet published widely and this is the time to get in and read them before they're too big for their britches.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on M. E. Brines' writing, Sharon. Self-published is the way to go these days, especially in this era of collapsing book store chains & Kindle™ ~ (•8-D

  4. Seriously, bror, it is wonderful to self publish because we also don't get things that have been sterilized by publishing execs. The hardest part for the talented self published author is selling. It's very difficult. I'm hoping that, as people get more into realizing they don't need readers to buy ebooks, they will begin to sell better. Some writers, too, feel their great reward comes in a hard copy. I know that I won't feel like a "real" writer until there is a hard book out there that some day will be found on the desert floor, aged by wind and rain and sunshine, flipping in the breeze and make people wonder as much about the person who read it as the person who wrote it.