Sunday, August 21, 2011

Land of the Ancient Giants

On my research into the Grand Canyon finds, I kept running across a race of supposed giants whose remains have been found from Alaska to the Midwest. This one will give you the chills…

Apparently, these skeletons averaged 7’ tall and have been found in New York, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nevada, Kentucky, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Minnesota, and pretty much all over the world. Interestingly, these have been found in caves and burial mounds and sometimes even wrapped in Egyptian style. Those of you who’ve read Genesis, might have heard of the nephilims, giants who supposedly descended from fallen angels. I’m always excited about the way things can link together and the Bible references with the find of giant bodies is quite spine-tingling.

There are several reasons for what might have caused such a giant race of people found all over the world:

1. Since taller height is something found in warmer climes and shorter plumper figures are found in colder climates. It could have been a climate issue that such large humans were prevalent.
2. It also could have been a common pituitary problem causing gigantism and perhaps related to something environmental causing this issue.
3. It could be that tall people were bred together for the purpose of larger humans as special anointed ones.
4. Extremely tall people may have been buried with special care for their uniqueness.
5. Lastly, we can guess that perhaps these were aliens of some sort.

This is such a hugely prevalent find, that I’m going to direct you to this thorough article about the details.

Here's some really fun pics of "giants" (hee hee)


  1. I thought it was the other way around: taller, lighter races are found further north. If you look at those races indigenous to equatorial areas, you see people of small stature and dark complexions. Whereas in the north, you begin to see lighter skinned, taller people culminating in the celtic, nordic and teutonic peoples, who would arguably be among the tallest. But there are also some from Africa who tend to be rather tall. And, too, you have to factor in nutrition and general health. We in America weren't as tall 200 years ago as we are today.

    According to one survey of global height distribution, the Alps, Netherlands, Norway Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Estonia are all in the top--and below them are more Europeans. In fact, a non European region doesn't enter the chart until Israel, some 30 countries down the list.

    Yet, it's hard to shake the ubiquity of these "giants". Sure, some of it can be chalked up to Yellow Journalism, Liars Clubs, and anthro-archaelogical romanticism in the wake of Darwin and famous discoveries in Egypt. But one has to wonder if there wasn't some truth that became overly embellished. Trouble is, there are no remains to study. If these mysterious finds were real, no one had the foresight to hang on to them. Pity.

    PS, I had to post like this because Google won't recognize my login on this site. This is the 2nd or 3rd time. Weird. Gotta love glitches. :-D

  2. I've heard of red haired giants found in Nevada. So I guess another question that could be asked is where presumably pre-Columbian Americans got their red hair from?

  3. Cullan;
    Gotta love a man who looks up stats. I'll have to go find my college anthropology teacher and ask him why he said that, but I do recall him saying that in equatorial Africa and such, the taller and more slender you are, the more you can handle and dissipate heat and the further north, like short fat relatives in Norway, you get shorter and more plump to handle colder climes. Hmm... Oh, and Blogger has been an uber bitch lately about commenting. You'd think after months of this, they'd have it figured out.
    Jeff; I suppose some would say it was the early vikings that came here.

  4. I think the breeding theory makes the most sense, but it certainly is a head scratcher!!

  5. Also... Where can I get a giant ugly baby like in that picture?

  6. Cullan--a giant ugly baby? My guess would be to breed with Ann Coulter?

  7. These stories are new to me! I feel like I should know about this since I live in Wisconsin. That first giant skeleton picture is pretty cool. I wonder if that is a piece of installation art? I'd love to check that out in person!

  8. There have been many of the giant skeletons found around the world, but not so giant as those photos make out. Most were anywhere from 7-10 feet. Still, very impressive. My guess is that, a simple defect in the pituitary gland allowing the growth hormone to keep producing long after it should and creating gigantism would be the cause of those skeletons. In fact, if they were to age the bones, my guess would be that these were rather young skeletons as people with the disorder often die younger of heart and other disease processes. It's entirely possible that in a culture of small people, a tall person would be an ideal breeding stock, so perhaps we can thank these gigantic people for helping us produce such good top models and basketball players.

  9. In the obscure Hollow Earth novel, The Smoky God, Or A Voyage to the Inner World (1908) by Willis George Emerson, as allegedly told by an Olaf Jensen on his death bed, the native denizens of the Inner-Sun-lit world are claimed to also be giants, which see

  10. Bror;
    I am so intrigued by the hollow earth theory ever since I was a child and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

  11. That first picture is disturbing. I find the whole giant thing fascinating and wonder where they truly came from.

  12. Julie, the work of Ron Mueck, whose obsession with depicting realistic giants, usually done in fiberglass, is deeply disturbing. You can read a whole article from a few years ago right here … part of me wants to actually believe that a secret organization of giants are commissioning Mueck to do these life-like giant sculptures to re-acclimate us to their genuine reappearance upon their re-emergence from the Hollow Earth ~ (•8-o

  13. Bible research: How are the giants in the Bible:

  14. very interesting and kinda creepy!