Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspirational Saturday: Start a Fire!

My friends call me a firestarter. I'm not sure that's really an accurate name. I'm more like the person that soaks you in kerosene. Just call me "Zippo." It's up to you to decide when to light the match.

I do like to see people get excited about their lives.

The thing is that people are so individual. We aren't human beings having a spiritual experience, we're spiritual beings have a human experience.

Some of you readers/bloggers have been the focus of my dousing with kerosene. I'm seeing some of you lighting yourselves up, others saving the match for the right moment. I can appreciate that. Sometimes we fear lighting ourselves up where we might burn others in the process, but then remember when you burn--you're radiant. And, aren't we all attracted to the warmth of a good fire? You warm others when you're at your brightest.

How do we find our fire? Spontaneity, the five senses, no more classifying "good and bad," "right and wrong," "fair and unfair," closing your eyes against the sunlight and smelling the chlorine and suntan lotion, the scents of summer.

Being present in the moment. Life is a verb, not a noun!

Here's my life motto I live every day that keeps my fire lit:

Wherever I am, it's the coolest place to be.
Whoever I'm with, is the coolest person to be with.
Whatever I'm doing, is the coolest thing to be doing.


  1. I already started one. No lighter fluid required.

  2. Hey, sis. Kindling comes from the things you're doing. You were already smoldering. You just had to throw some photography, book writing, and ghost hunting on the pile and went "whoosh!"

  3. fire good! fire bad! fire-starter awesome!

    you are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey...

  4. Well, Jeremy, I'll be sure not to take your sunshine away. I think it's true about the campfire. We huddle around it when the woods are dark, cold and filled with the unknown. If you are the fire, people seek you out. It's karmic, I guess. Or, perhaps it's just saying that you're hot.... Hee hee

  5. That's an awesome life motto! Way to live in the moment!

  6. Justine; It's a wild ride, but I hold on with only one hand like a rodeo cowboy. Hee hee

  7. Great words to live by. I am now going out to focus on mowing my lawn. Best lawn ever. Coolest electric lawn mower ever made....and I am not being sarcastic. I love mowing my lawn. It can be quite Zen.

  8. MM;
    You have a lawn to mow. I have a burning hot concrete patio. Be zen-like dude, and walk it like a labyrinth.

  9. As always, a great inspirational post. Sometimes, when I'm going through something tough, I'll bring up you inspirational posts to keep myself thinking positive. Your a lot wiser than any guru in some third world country!