Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dale the Doll: Of Course She Doesn't Take Me!

So, I was going through the laptop while The Human was asleep. I found some disturbing pictures, like this one...

Sure, it could be anywhere, but it does look suspiciously like a resort to me!

This picture of The Human and Ms Julie could be taken anywhere, I know, but still something is bothering me. She went away a few days and came back and seems strangely relaxed.

Now, I'm certain she went to some resort and this has me very angry! She takes me to abandoned places and ghost hunts, but not to a resort? After all I've done for her! I think it might just be time for a little lesson....


  1. Dale, I am sure you can find a doll to abuse in her house. Just ask them if they wanna play with some wood.

  2. Mr. Max; I have already done that and the dolls are not impressed. I think that Skittles the Clown has affected their judgment.

  3. Look on the bright side, Dale. Maybe she did slip away for a sneaky little vacation, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Try to stay calm! Please!!!

  4. dale, you can come live at my house... i assure you that you would have more love where you are, cause i have too cats and they loves thems some plastic dolls. and if they did slip away, it was well needed.


  5. Dale, the human was probably just afraid you'd take advantage of her when she was drunk. It's your charm that kept you home.