Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily PSI Testing

You want to know if you're psychic? Well, daily online testing isn't likely to answer that so much as teach you how to develop your inherent skills. We all have unlimited psychic potential, but our brains have not been practicing the connections. If you practice archery every day, you will eventually get proficient at it. It goes without saying that anything you apply yourself to regularly, you will begin to excel at it. Psychics have nothing different than other people except that they worked their skills more over the years. I personally attribute my abilities to an interesting combination of having to be ahead of a family that was very dysfunctional, growing up digging up relics from the Civil War and handling them, as well as visiting historic sites often, spending a healthy amount of time alone to contemplate and commune with my environment, and some delightful brain issues such as being spatially gifted and time synesthetic and having facial amnesia. Perhaps this has all come together in a menagerie that had me using those connections in my brain and developing them. There is no reason why, as a full grown adult we cannot develop our skills through regular practice. In fact, I'm working on a book "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic" about this subject.

I suggest you go on daily to do PSI testing. I go to Dean Radin's wonderful site. I suggest you try testing in the morning, afternoon and evening to see if here is a circadian rhythm to your talents. Then, I want you to figure out what you do in your body and mind when you pick the right one--was it a feeling of seeing the card before turning it, or was it the very first one you chose without thinking or did you run the cursor over it and feel where it felt different? Did you body feel tight? Relaxed? Excited? When you find out how your mind and body work when you choose the right ones, you will begin to know how it will feel when you are having a psychic premonition.

Report back.

Don't forget tonight is Ghost Hunters--new episode


  1. I just KNEW you were going to post this.

    (Hey! Whaddayaknow? I'm psychic!)

  2. I knew Eric would be first with a comment. You already know of my Gypsy blood, so you know I know he knew.

  3. I think I may go and take me the test. :)

  4. MM;
    Gypsy blood, eh? How intriguing!

  5. Interesting subject for a book. Looking forward to that one. I've added your other books on GoodReads and will be reading them soon.

  6. Thanks Vanessa. It's been very interesting defining how to develop one's psychic skills. It came to me naturally over time, but I've recognized the ability in others and helped them work with theirs and now it's time to show how to go about it.