Creeping You Out! Puppets

This is a new series--Creeping you out! Today's subject--puppets, oh yeah, I'm starting with a bang!

This is a master puppeteer/artist named Jean Luc Courcoult and the Royal de Luxe Puppets.

(Brothers Quay--the best of all time--my ultimate favorite creepy videos EVER)

**Tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night. Come on and chat with me and others**


  1. I remember John Cusak's character in "Being John Malkovich" was a puppeteer. Then he went on to being a whole other kind.

  2. mmm puppets, loves me some of those puppets.

  3. I'm going to have fun with this series, making everyone face the things that give them shivers!

  4. Although I have made peace with Dale, the thought of him coming up behind me and saying "hi Julie" stills gives me chills. He better behave!

  5. Prob ever since Poltergeist I feared a puppet would drag me away in the middle of the night. A family friend once made me a clown puppet when I was young,not sure if it was a gift or a way to torture me. Thinking back it looked more like the puppet in Ghosthouse which is freaky looking to me.


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