Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Barbie Experiment: Hunt at the Haunted B&B

(I was a bit giddy to stand in front of the window air-conditioner. It was about 107 and humid that day!)

The first part of our ghost hunt at the Noftsger Hill Inn was in our room that we rented. The second night, we did the hunt at the jail and stayed in our room at the end afterwards.

This inn I wanted to go back to with my team because it has a funky set of vibes that leads to some mischievous child's play. The last time I stayed there, during the night several times I heard chalk moving in the chalk tray below the chalkboard near my bed and also heard a little girl near my bed speaking a full sentence several times throughout the night in a regular speaking voice.

I put out a devil's box (a 6-sided cube with mirrors facing inward) and we placed a recording device inside and a control recording device outside of the box. We went out to supper and left it there. There are claims such a thing creates demon growling and voices. We will see once the evidence is reviewed.

We also took and put chalk dust on the chalkboard's tray and put the chalk in the middle of the tray with dust around it to see if any chalk slid--a common claim. As well, I set a Barbie up on the chalk tray with a piece of chalk in her lap. She sat there the whole time we were there, until we came back the second night from our hunt at the jail. Before leaving, I checked the Barbie and chalk and all was fine. We came back and Julie noted that Barbie had fallen over. How she did it, I have no clue. She still had the chalk on her lap. The doll had been sitting upright for 36 hours without falling over before. I tried to see how she could fall over and the only possibly way to was to come up under her legs and lift up, applying some pressure.

I did a psychic read (post from Monday).

Then, in our huge schoolhouse room, sitting around a table, I performed a seance. Yeah, I know what you're saying "a seance?" But, part of what our team wants to do is test all the theories and all the methods and find out if anything in any of them is efficacious. As a psychic, being a seance medium is a great way to connect and activate things in the room or perhaps gather more information. I have my own method for performing a seance that leaves everyone quite well protected, but sometimes leaves activity around us for some time, so it's a win/win situation.

During the seance, I was able to pick up on a tall slender man with a hook nose and dark hair in overalls who felt protective of the children there and always waited for the last child to leave so he could lock up. His name was Wayne, I believe. I also picked up on a sort of uptight teacher named Lydia. As well, a little girl with dark hair and bangs. We did an EVP recording during the seance, and when we review evidence, we'll know if we got anything.

We had some funky things happen there. The last time I was there, we were doing and EVP session and I got up with the EMF meter and went to the area near the chalkboard where I felt a girl was present. The meter went bonkers. Baseline there was almost nonexistent. I asked her to come with me back to my seat and the high counts followed me back and then stopped. I asked her to go back with me and the meter went off again as I walked back to the chalkboard. I then told her to stay there and I'd be right back. I walked back to my chair with baseline EMF reading. I went back to the chalkboard and it went bonkers and I had her come back to the seat with me and it remained high until I sat down. It was interesting, but hardly proof of anything. Then, this time, one of our team members took several meters and found a hot spot in front of the chalkboard. We took our meters and figured out the shape and size of this thing. It continued for long minutes before it went away. It never came back again. We asked the owner and there were no electrical lines under the floorboards. It was interesting that it never came back. The more interesting thing is that the first time I was there and we were talking to the children, it happened. This time, after the seance, it happened. The next night--no EMF spikes, but we also did not try to make contact with any occupants of the room. Hmm....

Then, the second night, it just got weird-o-rama. Poor Julie. She is so used to the antics that she doesn't even think about it. She woke up during the night to use the restroom and walked right past us all with flashlights trying to figure out what had been making knocking and scratching sounds. She just sauntered past us, glancing at the flashlights and closed the bathroom door. I had to laugh. My sis is very used to the unexplained. The knocks and scratches continued and when the men fell asleep, I heard some more sounds and then a ding as if something clanked the brass spittoon near the fireplace. I knew right away what the sound was, but there as nothing even near the spittoon. At one point, one of the men sleeping near the chalkboard heard whispering in his ear. That was the same place I had heard the girl the last time I stayed there.

Well, it was an unusual and interesting stay and we do plan to go back some time with a bigger group of people to try out a few rooms. I don't have any doubts this charming inn has some unseen occupants, but they all seem to be quite playful and happy where they live.

(Check out this little flattened scorpion we found in the room. Apparently, someone stepped on him, but luckily with shoes on!


  1. Holy crap! You've got me on the edge of my seat!!!

    And Barbie... unless Ken paid a little visit while your back was turned.

  2. sounds to me like the ghosts like barbies! lol.

  3. Poor barbie, just minding her own business...

  4. Yeah, well, Barbie doesn't seem too injured by the event. We are eager to go back and try some new tricks with the room. We had about 6 more experiments we wanted to get done in the room, but the seance went on longer than we expected. Once we started, it was hard to break it. The minute the recordings are listened to and all the evidence is in, I'll be reporting on that, as well.

  5. Hey Sis! Trying to catch up! I've been on a hiatus for several days. I can tell you EXACTLY why Barbie moved....You sat her up with her torso twisted! The poor gals lower-half was completely backwards! HELL, I'd fall over too trying to get myself untwisted! LOL

    Great post, I'll eventually catch up with everything over the course of the day.

    Miss ya!

  6. Hey lil sis. I checked her out. She is precisely the same forward and backward--she has no ass. Sounds like my Norwegian relatives. Hee hee.

  7. I had no ass until I started doing hip hop dance and elliptical. Norwegian flat butt. Not anymore, thankfully. Yeah, her torso was twisted and so her feet were upside down. It doesn't seem to matter which direction you put her in because she sits the same.

  8. Haha, bandura beat me, I was going to say something about the feet of the body too. Damn, you had me hooked and reading everything with anticipation. This sounds like so much fun!!!!! Me and my friends have done the amateur hunting here at the Baby graves. (i think their the oldest around here) We brought cameras and payed our respects to the graves, but got chased by a white truck out of there. If you're ever in WA check out (or just look it up) the Washington Baby graves, it made it to most haunted places in WA

  9. RG;
    Now that sounds like fun! I can't wait to share the EVPs from all the hunts with everyone. Of course, there were many many recorders and lots of hours in all the locations. I'm most curious if we got anything at the indian ruins or inside the devil's box. If we got the girl in the room, that'd be cool! The prison will be the most exciting because the place that night was insane and the EMF was off the charts everywhere. Kept us feeling very uncomfortable.

  10. Pretty active and exciting visit by the sound of it. Great recap.

  11. Yeah that stuff is really interesting and freaky! im not sure i could do what you do. haha